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Is it okay for doctor's office to make you pay upfront, before billing to your insurance?3Evelyn2012-07-21 20:29:02
I have 23 weeks of pregnancy and used private insurance through my employer, for the first time, covering 80/20. I started going to the doctor in September, I paid the co-payment of the first visit. I received an EOB for laboratory services and has a bill later. I went to the doctor again a month later, had an ultrasound fact, have not been billed for anything. When I went back for a checkup early November, I asked about the allegations. I was presented with a "contract" to sign, stating that you will pay $ 640.00 (which covers all medical consultations, laboratory tests, caesarean section, and postpartum check-up). This is 20% that I am responsible for that insurance does not cover. I explained that I will not have insurance so after my job ends at the end of the year, and I will take Medicaid. The office manager said it did not matter, I still have to pay $ 640.00. When I returned again for my next appointment at the end of the month (3 days to be exact) for a checkup and another ultra-sound, he wanted half of the payment, because apparently I have to pay in full for my 7 th month pregnancy. I told them again that I will be receiving Medicaid. And again, I said it did not matter. So I went ahead and wrote a check for half. I called my insurance provider, and they told me the doctor's office just showed up to my September visit. Now I am approved for Medicaid and have just learned that can be used as secondary insurance but come to see my OB / GYN does not accept secondary insurance. When I arrived at the doctor's office for more answers the billing department, both the administrator and office manager denied that I have not mentioned anything about getting Medicaid. The lady who makes his billing, he said $ 640.00 was only estimated, when they present all I have to pay more. I discussed about having Medicaid, and I told them not have to pay that amount. The lady told me that the check you gave them was not refundable and I signed the contract and that I can try to switch to another doctor, that is if they will take me because I'm more than half of my pregnancy. I said that does not mention anything about being non-refundable. She said firmly, which is not refundable, and will probably pay more when presented for the 4 visits I have been. I asked the lady, "What if this doctor is not my baby, and does another doctor?" She told me I still have to pay the $ 640.00. So I said, "So you're telling me that if I were to have my baby while I'm out of town, and another doctor at birth, the doctor still get paid, plus they have to pay another doctor? " She said: "Yes." I'm not familiar with how insurance works, but that's just ridiculous! I'm tired and stressed out to talk to them because I still feel it is unfair. Can I get help through my private insurance, if I bring up this issue?
Is it against the law for doctors office to charge someone with Medicare for a doctors visit?2 ⺌, Y ¨ -2012-10-24 16:18:02
I do not know the answer to this , that's why I'm asking .... My dad has Medicare and went to the doctor and he paid $ 60 in advance and my friend said he is against the law , anyone know if it's anyway ?
Doctors: They say doctors make more $ in US than in Canada, is it true, despite high malpractice insurances?0I want homework help2012-08-22 21:20:02
How much malpractice insurance is a family physician pay on average ? ( I know it's different for each state ) and how much they take home ? What about a general surgeon or other specialist?
Doctors billing primary & secondary ins company for same amount?1Edith2012-06-20 03:02:31
Surgeon husband checked our primary and secondary ins co is the same AMT. We had previously said the school will be billed for only what the principal did not pay. Is this right ? Sounds like you are really trying to get 100 % of what they are charging and unacknowledged, as some ins co . Cardiac dr said primary bill and what ever not paid the bill for that part of the school. Does anyone have any idea about this ? Thank you.
Why is insurance billing important to the medical office?0Cally2012-05-01 16:59:42
Why is it important insurance billing physician 's office ?
Will medical insurance and doctors hold off on billing patients involved in car accidents?0amo2012-07-14 00:38:03
Or do I need to hire a lawyer? The car insurance company of the person who hit me accepted 100% liability. I didn't have medical on my own car insurance and I don't have good medical insurance.
Doctors offices requesting deductible be paid before billing insurance...illegal?1Dolores2012-05-20 13:25:45
The pediatricians office my son called to confirm your appointment and ask if I was aware that it's January and most insurance deductibles are required to be met. I have a deductible of $ 500 and when we entered the event , I can pay the bill office visit at that time. I told him I pay my co -pay of $ 30 and then be billed to my insurance ... which in turn , send my insurance EOB indicates that they are a deductible to be met and then I will pay the doctor . I thought that the practice of doctor's offices asking deduction has been paid in advance is illegal ... Am I right ? Insurance companies have set billing procedures , right?
The insurance billing clerk at my dentist's office refuses to bill my third insurrance co. saying it was too?0Addiso2012-05-12 05:48:26
much work and I have to do it myself. Is this right ?
Insurance/Medical Billing Help:Womanly Exam billed as Office Problem Visit?0Juilian2012-08-25 09:12:02
My insurance sent me a bill for $ 390 something as a result of my annual female. Am I covered for an annual women once a year to any network provider without having to reference. I went to my appointment, the doctor did the usual questions related to preventive care. I asked my history with respect to health, family and sex. I asked which contraceptive method you use, once you found out what I was using, recommended otherwise and explains why, then told me to write a prescription. I will not mention any problems, whatever spoken was a response to your questions. I know what my insurance covers, and any medical concerns that had to be addressed with my primary care. I did not ask for a recipe, I just wrote one. I did not use. When you leave the office when I was doing from female annual reviews are free. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A few weeks later I get a claim of $ 190 something of my insurance. There was a bill, so I thought it was just a teaser for the exam. A week passed and a bill from the doctor's office came to the same amount. I called my insurance baffled as to why my review is not covered. Security told me that there was no evidence billed female, but a new problem patient visit. I called the billing office, and the woman explained the situation. She assured me that will settle the claims. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus A week later my insurance sends me a bill for $ 390 dollars, something that now there are two charges of $ 190 instead of one. I've been searching on Google information. No review understand why my female was charged an office visit problem. What was said to the doctor concerned the review of preventive care and was a response to your questions. I'm calling the office tomorrow demanding an answer and a quick fix. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Can someone explain how / why my test was announced differently? I feel this is insurance fraud and informed consent.
Co-pays at doctors office1 sense of reform -2012-05-30 10:19:28
I was just at the doctors office my TB shot children. I had to pay the copay , but I saw a doctor. I used to work in an office and I remember when ever a medical assistent seen a patient to give it a shot and the doctor must be present the patient does not have to pay. Are all doctors is different when co-payments ?
Does my doctors office have to tell me if they drop my insurance? ?0colt, foal2012-05-27 16:27:33
I've been going to the doctor the same pain for a year. The last time I went, got my insurance through " out of network ." I called to warn them of the mistake and told me that as of July 1 , the doctor dropped the insurance. Should not have said ? Now I have a $ 83.00 bill from them and a copayment of $ 30.00 in the hospital (this is a clinic in the hospital). Can they do this legally or do not have to let me know ? ?
My one doctors office is claiming to have no record of me ever being there, but I had gone over five times...?0drew 2012-06-04 18:20:41
And I need my files from this doctor closer to my house. The one I was looking out two (technical ) surgeries on me. They are saying that my name is not in your system, or file cabinet . We tried every possible spelling of my name. I really need these pieces of information. What should I do ? You can get this from my insurance company ?

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