Does investing on stocks have insurance like banks?

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Asked at 2012-06-03 00:26:30
Banks have insurance right? so when the bank is bankrupt may claim up to a certain amount of money deposited again.

So when you invest through a company ( ie / Coca -Cola) through actions and suddenly became bankrupt (because of meybe better tasting drink ) can you also get atleast part of their money back ? (If never managed to sell their shares at the time ) normal businesses have insurance to protect investors in a bankruptcy ?
Answer1gee geeAnswered at 2012-07-28 21:49:59
Banks are insured depositors, to ensure, if you go bankrupt, you will not lose money.

Stocks are a gamble , however , more like a lottery ticket . There is no " safe" you can buy, you pay for your ticket lottery if the number does not appear. The actions are the same - can not be assured . It is not " recover their money." When you buy an equity stake , which is a small share in the company. Not your money again, until / unless you can convince someone to buy its midst.

Investments are not insurable. The deposits are , because they are not 'investments'. Heck, even the money markets are not protected.
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