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Why cant you insure against space debris?0collective count noun2012-06-01 11:59:39
Why I can not insure against space debris?
Need help making general ledger. May1Paid rent (80% selling space, 20% office space)S&P Management Co.2?0luie2012-08-30 10:15:03
2 Issued credit memo on returned merch. Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 175 MedlinePlus Total selling price (gross) Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 4725 MedlinePlus 3 Received credit memo on returned merch. Peyton Products 798 on April 29 MedlinePlus 4 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 37,072 MedlinePlus Store supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 574 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 4 n/10 EOM 83 MedlinePlus 5 Received payment less discount and return Knox, Inc. Apr. 28 n/10 EOM 4459 MedlinePlus 8 Paid inv. minus 2% discount and May 3 return Peyton Products Apr. 29 3411? MedlinePlus 9 Sold store supplies for cash at a cost 350 MedlinePlus 10 office equipment purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 10 n/10 EOM 4074 MedlinePlus 11 Received payment less discount Hensel Company May 2 5978 MedlinePlus 11 Purchased merchandise on credit Garcia, Inc. May 10 2/10, n/60 8800 MedlinePlus 12 Received credit memo on returned merch. Gear Supply Co. May 10 854 MedlinePlus 15 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 5320 3412 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3412 3150 MedlinePlus 15 Cash sales for the first half of month (cost $ 38,200) 59,220 MedlinePlus 16 goods sold on credit (cost $ 1,890) Hensel Company 8786 2/10, n/60 17Purchased 3990 creditFink merchandise Corp. May 14 2/10, n/60 13,650 19 Paid invoice less discount Garcia, Inc. 10 May 3413 22 goods sold on credit (cost $ 4,990) Lee Services 8787 2/10, n/60 6850 MedlinePlus Discount 23 invoice amount minus Fink Corp. May 14 3414 13 377 MedlinePlus 24 Purchased merchandise on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 8120 MedlinePlus Supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. stores May 23 n/10 EOM 630 MedlinePlus Office supplies purchased on credit Gear Supply Co. May 23 n/10 EOM 280 MedlinePlus 25 Purchased merchandise on credit Peyton Products May 23 2/10, n/30 3080 MedlinePlus 26 goods sold on credit (cost $ 8,230) Crane Corp. 8788 2/10, n/60 14,210 MedlinePlus Paid 26 April 3415 Electricity bill 1283 Perennial MedlinePlus 29 wrote the check to the owner for personal use Jenny Colo 3416 7000 MedlinePlus 30 Received payment less discount Lee Services May 22 6713 MedlinePlus 30 Check issued for sales salaries Payroll 3417 5320 MedlinePlus Check issued for office salaries Payroll 3417 3150 MedlinePlus 31 cash sales from the second half of month (cost $ 42,500) 66,052 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Additional information: MedlinePlus one. MedlinePlus expired insurance $ 553 b. Store supplies MedlinePlus 2632 ending inventory c. Ending inventory office supplies 504 MedlinePlus d. 567 Estimated Depreciation warehouse equipment MedlinePlus e. Estimated depreciation of office equipment 329
I am using theater space to put on a show. The space is asking for a certificate of insurance.?2motor_angel 2012-11-02 10:24:01
I am not a business. I have no liability insurance . if that is not covered by insurance ? I'm just doing a performance. Can not be profitable for someone to write a policy for a show . also not sure if I could do anyway. How should I proceed?
Car accident from road debris?0Martin2012-04-28 07:15:11
Hello, First I'm looking for advice on UK law and the rules of Insurance / regs I had a car accident the other day on the way home from a visit to the family. I was traveling on a dual carriageway in the left lane (near side) with my parents, the road was completely black with no street lights, but road conditions were very good on all dry, no ice. While traveling along the road about 400-500 meters from where I was making at least 60 mph after the path (the path is a slope!) That used to join the road I realized quickly from a large object that occupies the entire left lane assumed it was a piece of solid metal and immediately tried to dodge the object (turned out to be a bumper B'stards covered with tape, he had failed to secure the vehicle , as expected) not sure if the defense hit my car at this point, but the car quickly began to meander from left to right (I guess diverted me) I managed to steer into the skid to counteract the vehicle began straighten but quickly lost control trying to slow it went into a slide and ended up going 180 and hit the central reservation which destroyed most of the near side (passenger) vehicle, on the final lap, I remember trying to recover the direction of the vehicle while still moving it out of the driveway as I was sure that the lights had been damaged and was now at risk of being beaten by other vehicles confident. I quickly encouraged everyone to exit the vehicle and as far a way as possible and I hit every button on the light in the car if it was not out of the road. When everyone was away there were other cars coming past the rubble waving everywhere, I think a vehicle to reach the defense was prevented and stopped a few hundred yards from the road. Anyway to cut a long story short the police have advised me to be trying to identify the owner of the defense knew what car make and model of car it was, but said nothing more. My insurance has informed me that I am guilty of bumps in the road debris and lost control of my vehicle. I just want to know is this correct or should make a fuss at anyone in particular. If I had known that the object was a stop that is just brake and hit him instead of deviating assumed at the time was coming through the windshield and can be fatal for me and my passenger (s). The car I'm sure will be a income. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance PS No one was seriously hurt just bruised and banged on the head, it is not surprising that even scratches the glass I'm very happy to seat belts and car Fords rock solid! - If anyone is curious it was a Ford Focus Sedan
Car Insurance claim for road debris0Jenny2011-12-13 21:09:23
My license plate in the front of my car was torn off by debris from the freeway do i need to get another one?3u_r_fat 2012-02-09 19:53:07
I live in Texas and I realized that some people do not have a plaque on the front of your car is against the law not to have a plate in front of the car how much is to get one?
How can I get Insurance Company info on Comm. Truck whos debris damaged my?1. hurt 2012-04-19 04:40:37
Sliding door in the rear of container was not closed until the end. Rocks and gravel flew the truck causing major damage to my car. I was 3 - 4 car lengths behind the truck. Owner fails to cooperate with me.please HELP ( incident occurred on the road to California ) Is the name of information on commercial vehicle insurance from the Public Registry ? HELP HELP HELP
Ad space on your site02021-06-09 03:21:25
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Help my car rolled out of its space?4Darcie2012-05-02 06:55:12
I parked my car in the parking space to put handbrake and went to the store half an hour later I cam out my car was in the middle of the parking another car was in my room and there was a car behind me. when I approached a woman started to say that my car rolled out and hit his car again and noted that the car behind mine was a different Mans said his car was good and I have said musnt handbrake i I said I have only had def my two-week trial conducted bt for a year and I always put it on. the woman said, then come and see his car had drove the car park and excavated and have seen the result is not so bad plastic cutter of your car the car is worse than its lost all paint in a corner my car is 10 years old , sax and paint was peeling off anyway. he asked for my insurance details that I have as I was expecting. So I gave him my name and number. What do my insurance is high now and never want to go through the insurance was not even my fault that asked how long ago you said happend to 5 minutes so that my car was sitting for 25 minutes before moving on ? I really miss not take responsibility for that BT do not mind paying myself I know somone to fix it I spoke to a police officer and told me I did everything I could , but if she gets an appointment with do you get one from someone i kno. I need advice! What rights I have is not like I was driving ?
I was backing out of my parking space at work and someone hit me?1cock2012-06-25 13:12:38
I was out of my back at work and the space that was pulling back I looked (I know plenty of people to lie and say this, but I really did look) I've worked here for a while and have never been in an accident. As I was backing a car out of nowhere that he must have been going fast and quickly turned the corner because I do not see at all, its passenger side door and my left back passenger side again received a loud bang and the car has some scratches and maybe a small reduction, but my jeep also had some damage to the passenger side right about the defense indents the body: (He says it was my fault and I I do not think I'm not sure, I said maybe it was because that's what I felt, but now thinking about it I know it was an accident and it was not my fault. A security guard was there and gave no comment on the accident. he asked if we wanted to call the police we said yes and called and said they were sending them do not appear to come from minor accidents. So I gave the other person any information about me and gave me his badge number and that's all. There are cameras that I know I've seen that I work at Sears, parking with cameras. I will present a report after work, but is there any way this was not my fault, I mean that was supported enough in which I see and feel that he was one of those fools who thought Id stop and I could keep going when he was the culprit. need help. And then proceeded to tell me who has a jeep that was made to obtain *** *** up! like what the **** this is my first car that I do my best to keep it perfect: (do not know what to do can someone please help me I've never been in an accident before I had no idea what to do or what I was doing. (
Does anybody know that it cost about $83,000 to take 1 gallon to the space station? Do we really need this?0grid2012-09-22 12:45:03
All the billions we give to nasa could be used for health care. Nasa itself admitted we won't have the technology to send a man to the moon for at least another decade, and at least 25 years to mars. What the hell for? We have a country in trouble here. That first moon landing was solely a ruse to get peoples mind off vietnam. It apparently worked. About half americans still believe it. Wake up america. We in general are the most gullible in the world. We still believe everything the gov. tells us. The insurance industry and drug co's have payed billions to your congress to see things thier way. Again, wake up america.
How to back out of a parking space properly?2zebra2012-08-08 02:15:03
Im going to get my license Monday. When I pull me back out slowly , check for people, and then continue. It seems to work perfectly, and I know you have to keep both hands on the wheel. My who already has his, said that we should put one arm behind the passenger seat looking over his shoulder and back with one hand slowly ? which is better? thanks

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