Does anyone have the Oklahoma DMV cheat sheet or know how to get a free PDF for it? related questions

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Does anyone have the Oklahoma DMV cheat sheet or know how to get a free PDF for it?0Doreen2012-05-31 09:23:08
Does anyone have the Oklahoma DMV cheat sheet or know how to get a PDF without it?
Where can I find a free Louisiana drivers test cheat sheet?1Jodie2012-08-21 11:49:03
Where I can find one free of Louisiana drivers test cheat sheet ?
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Green Canyon CBD Oil!!0Irenantana2021-05-04 03:29:07
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Where can I get a cheat sheet for the dmv motorcycle test for Arizona?1cygnet2012-03-11 13:47:13
I'm trying to take the exam to get my motorcycle license but can not pass your test difficult. I've been traveling for years and have never had one. I do not wanna get in trouble free . I read that stupid book several times, but the way they put the questions does not make sense please help
Oklahoma DMV says to amend my birth certificate for a Oklahoma driver's license! $600-1000.?0↗ イ Kuo forward to Estate 〆 2012-08-04 18:43:03
I've just spent 2 days at the Oklahoma department of Public Safety. I understand and have supported the reasons for increasing public safety, but this is NUTS! I have a NM drivers licence with my name of Elizabeth L. ***, Ok Insurance, Ok. bank accounts, Ok. car registration, OK deed of properties, Oklahoma taxes, social security card, marriage licence, child's birth certificate, all in the name of "Elizabeth" L. ***. But my birth certificate has "Betty" L. ***. Oklahoma will NOT grant me a Oklahoma driver's licence without amending my first name on my "birth certificate?" For over 50+ years I have been Elizabeth.(Elizabeth has multiple nick names such as Liz, Betty, Beth, Libby, ie.... as does Charles, Chuck, Charlie.) I also asked them to go ahead and issue my Oklahoma DL as Betty L, but then all other 2nd forms of ID were all Elizabeth L. My social security card is also Elizabeth L., so they can not???? Where is the "Intent of the law?" All of the documentation that I have clearly shows I am not a "illegal trying to enter this country." Is our states Motor vehicle departments becoming the "SS?" Does anyone have a suggestion? I really don't want to spend $600-1000. on a ridiculous court petition for a name change?
Okay, I have a massive hospital bill in the state of Oklahoma. I am not an Oklahoma resident, I am a?1Coli2012-06-24 04:47:28
Louisiana resident. I have a Louisiana medical card and wondered if I could use for the bill, even though this happened again on 30 June. I literally can not afford to pay this bill. This is almost $ 600 and did nothing for me. Please help .
If you file a joint tax return in Oklahoma and sign a paper for insurance that you are living together as husband and wife are you married by common law in Oklahoma0'Early spring cover 2012-01-07 07:22:50
If you file a joint return in Oklahoma and sign an insurance that you will live together as husband and wife were married by common law in Oklahoma
Can you title/register a vehicle oklahoma if you have a license outside of oklahoma?1Ediso2012-04-17 14:41:57
I bought the truck in Oklahoma , and the seller said I could keep the plates from Oklahoma and have it transferred to my name without a drivers license in Oklahoma. Is this correct ? How I can get more information about this? thanks
How do i report a car tax cheat?22Ryan2012-08-28 03:05:01
have someone blatantly ignore the law every day driving without tax or insurance
Can you cheat when getting your drivers license?1Kevin2012-06-04 13:40:53
I live in New York with my mom, but my dad lives in Illinois , just ten minutes away. And here in Indiana has to for 16 years and 6 months to get your license , but here in Illinois, you just have to be 16 , so we could go further and use my parents address it before?
Do the DMV cheat sheets really work?0Frederick2012-06-13 07:30:30
Im thinking of buying the cheat sheets that offer $ 10 cause im taking the test later today , but I'm not sure I will pass .. Does anyone know if these questions actually appear in the exam? ?
Is it wrong of me to cheat on my girlfriends?2Irene E.2012-10-20 16:50:03
I mean, is she finally going to fool me , she will be empty or finish arguing about something insignificant and end up breaking. To know all relationships have an end, why not have some fun in the meantime? A bride can have a relationship with a girl and on the side, when the bride YOR is at work or in class. There is nothing wrong with a bit of insurance are there?

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