When you get injured in a car accident, do they help pay for your medical bills? related questions

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When you get injured in a car accident, do they help pay for your medical bills?0cockatoo2012-05-29 21:40:04
I have a strange question. When you are injured in a car accident if the car accident is a lack of Companys , the company will pay for medical bills of people. But what happens when a person dies in car accident ? Does the family get nothing, because his family died because of someone else drive?
If you were injured in an accident and have no insurance is the person at fault liable for the damages and medical bills1Evelyn2011-12-12 14:32:03
If a son or daughter living with a homeowner is injured on the property is the injury covered by the homeowner's insurance? My husband and I were victims of a house fire while living at my mother-in-law's house and my husband was injured trying to put out the fire. We were going to submit the medical bills to State Farm Insurance but they said that since he was a resident that his medical bills would not be covered.
In CA, do auto insurance companies pay medical bills directly to the injured person or to the hospital?2John2012-06-03 18:08:43
I was in an accident not at fault and the other person's insurance is paying for medical expenses. The time comes to settle and my medical bills were about $ 6,000. Will you write the check to me or the emergency room ? Rather he was sent to me because I am very low income and no insurance on my own car for that reason and for that under Proposition 213 'm not getting anything more than medical bills paid. A little sucks, but oh well . I can get to put on a payment plan with the hospital, but this would take me back on my feet, while taking into account lost wages and my car because of this accident and would not give me a just people and the lawyer take the case . ( Blue Book Value Car was $ 2,200 and $ 1,200 I lost and I offered $ 800 for the car and lost wages . )
When the auto insurance coverage is 255025 and medical bills exceed 25K what are the injured party's options1mufasa 2012-08-06 09:44:03
When coverage is auto insurance and medical bills exceeding 255025 25K , what are the options of the aggrieved person
I met car accident. My Medical bill $35000Insurance company gave check to me.Can i negotiate on medical bills?0zeta2012-07-05 22:28:02
My insurance company gave verification of medical bills , pain and suffering and any other injury.Do I have to pay the total amount of hospital or what I can negotiate on that .. If the negotiations do legal?
I need to know, if I was injured in a no fault accident whose insurance company should pay my medical?0LW2012-07-02 01:10:04
Both my company and the other vehicle are the same. I have a huge gash in my head, headaches , and severe back pain. I am afraid to see anyone other than the er I went to . Is my insurance on the hook for my injuries or the other guys , please advise.
What can you do if your medical insurance covered bills due to an motor accident and knew it was an accident and put a lien on you1rattlesnake2012-04-15 00:14:03
What can you do if your health insurance bills due to a car accident and knew it was an accident and put a lien on you
Medical Bills from a car accident...?1colt, foal2012-07-24 05:53:02
Hello , my son and I were in a car accident ( 09/04/08 that was clearly the lack of other parties. I have over 15 K in medical expenses and you do not and I'm the managing demand for myself instead of a lawyer. other parties Insurace company told me to pay all bills after the claim is resolved. that could be next week or next year ... What I can do to ensure that these bills will not affect my credit ? any ideas please help ... I really do not want to hire a lawyer ... THANKS
Who Should Pay My Medical Bills from an Accident?0Jeesung2012-06-29 13:01:03
This was my first ever car accident, and I'm getting confused dealing with the insurance companies. I am insured with AAA, and the person I was in a collision with is with Allstate. Allstate accepted liability since the accident was not my fault. I had to go to the hospital a few days after, and I'm now in the process of making that claim with the insurance companies. My question is, who do I have pay my medical bills? I have medical coverage with AAA, and they said they pay up to $5000.00 of my bill. I don't know the amount yet because I haven't recieved a bill. Do I just let AAA pay it, or do I go to Allstate and have THEM pay for it? I also wanted to get compensation for a day of work I missed as well as pain and suffering. Because of this, would it make more sense to go through Allstate rather than AAA? I talked to someone at AAA who told me not to file this claim with Allstate but I couldn't understand why. She said something aout how they would pay the bill and then want reimbursement from Allstate. Des that make sense? Anyway, any advice or information would be much appreciated.
When in a accident who pays for my medical bills?0Misca2012-09-16 17:02:04
I was beaten by a truck while riding a bicycle . my medical bills are a little over 14k , no insurance company will not pay my medical bills in full, so my lawyer is trying to get half my medicals bills paid . I was offered 25k , my lawyer is trying to get to pay more , but not in their favor , is this enough or should I try to get more? plus my lawyer takes third please help I need advice
Who do I sue to cover cost of medical bills from Car Accident?0-WinteR2012-08-19 17:55:02
I was a passenger in a vehicle accident . My husband was driving . We Alberta , Canada car insurance. There was confusion and paperwork was not completed in time , so I had to pay for my massage and chiro of pocket. I qualify for financial aid , but the insurance company I ran around for adjusting and has not paid anything to help financially . So I was not able to pay for the treatment I needed and I'll take the long-term pain . I submitted my income , but I was told I had to send my husband Great West Life insurance first to make them pay . MedlinePlus I would sue the insurance company to let me in this condition . I needed medical attention and was unable to pay . I would sue the driver who caused these injuries me if suing the insurance company will not work . I can not afford to go to court and gets more bills . MedlinePlus I would like more information to help me know my rights and how to amend this evil . MedlinePlus thank you very much for everyones time and help! :)

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