My husbands uncle passed away in a fatal auto accident. Can his family collect money from the auto insurance? related questions

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My husbands uncle passed away in a fatal auto accident. Can his family collect money from the auto insurance?2Priscilla2012-11-05 15:16:02
We do not have much information on the accident, but unfortunately my husband's uncle was the passenger and died. We're not sure what happened to the driver of the truck, but he knew he was in critical condition at a hospital nearby. He left behind his wife and 5 children, the youngest of children have physical and mental disabilities and requires a lot of expensive medical care . I wanted to see if someone could tell me if your family would be able to toreceivee any payment out of the car insurance company . Idon'tt know if this would beconsiderede a wrongful death , but we're pretty sure that the driver and truck owner was drunk. Please someone help answer my question. This was a tragic loss for my family of her husband , and would like help as we can. Furthermore, the accidenthappenedd here in the U.S. , But his family lives in Mexico. I really do not know what to do , that's why we're trying to help, but not sure were to begin , or whether we evenpursuee this. Thank you.
My uncle passed away, how do i find out what insurance company my uncle may have had a policy with?0ko2012-07-27 03:30:03
I'm a hurricane Katrina evacuee and unfortunately lost all my important papers in the flooding. My uncle passed away and I had a life insurance policy for him but don't remember the name of the company or the policy number. How can I find out what insurance company may have insured him?
Who can collect on the auto liability coverage for an auto accident in Michigan?1uop2012-09-19 17:45:03
My daughter was a passenger in a car that ran off the road and hit a tree . The driver and front seat passenger survived the crash , a rear seat passenger is in critical condition and my daughter and another passenger healed. Received many broken bones and will be months before they are able to walk . I've been in the hospital with my 8 days and will probably be here another 10 to 14 days. We are in Michigan and is a no fault state so our insurance will take care of my daughter. Our agent called and left a message that they would need to bring a claim for underinsured motorist us. What I wonder is if I and my husband will be able to file a claim against the liability of our insurance. I know my daughter will receive compensation for their injuries. I wonder if I need to file a claim for my husband and me too. I know there are time limits on these things, but I do not know much about it.
My uncle recently passed, he left my mom as the Life Ins benies, my mom passed last year, what happens now?2Chase2012-11-02 22:08:02
The farm is too small to be legalized , so what are the next steps? What about life ins money ?
If I commit suicide will my family be able to collect the life insurance money?2Kevin2012-06-29 10:44:02
I'm sick of life , and I want to ask someting , if I join a life insurance
Can auto insurance be purchased for months that have already passed to avoid paying lienholder more money0Glint 2012-03-28 03:33:45
Auto insurance can be purchased for months that have passed to avoid paying more money creditor
How do I collect insurance for an auto accident that happened in 1965?10Shirley2012-07-15 18:14:04
Family were passengers in a car involved in an accident in 1965 and did'nt get injury insurance .
What's the time limit for someone to collect on a auto accident ?0victum2012-09-22 03:25:48
What's the time limit for someone to collect on a auto accident ?0Cedri2012-05-09 08:52:36
What is the time limit for someone to pick up in a car accident ?
Would it save money to divide family members onto two different auto insurance companies instead of just one?1dude 2012-06-08 17:35:55
We are trying to reduce the monthly payment for car insurance. There are 4 adults in family policy. My 2 children live in two different directions. One is 22 and the other is 24. We have a 2000 SUV , a Saturn 2006, 2001 Toyota Echo, and 1994 Ford Taurus. We want full coverage in all but the Taurus. Do you keep to divide the family into the various different policies on Feb. 2 different companies ?
Can the IRS come after money that is payed out by a life insurance policy for a family member that has passed?1Celia2012-05-30 22:09:03
- Meaning . If you owe the IRS money and I'll be the beneficiary of a life insurance policy the government takes this money when deposited in my bank account ? I have to divide the funds between my brothers and I want everyone to be affected by this.
Auto Accident in PA: how do I collect when I don't have collision and it's the other drivers fault?0Mandi2012-06-24 18:17:49
My son was involved in an auto accident in Pennsylvania with our 96 Maxima does not have collision insurance . The other driver was at fault and was cited by police. How to charge for damages? We must sue the other driver ? Are we talking about co -insurance the other driver ?

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