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What are the best Travel insurance for electronics?0lonely,2012-05-28 14:58:32
I am studying abroad this summer in Europe, and I am petrified with the idea of ​​my Canon Rebel, or my iPhone or my Mac get stolen. I need a specific travel insurance to cover these items only , I do not need doctors because I have one .
How do I keep my electronics safe in a college dorm?0yangdond2012-08-23 06:23:21
So I 'm going to college in January and my parents are going crazy for me having all these electronics with me . My laptop , gaming system , etc. .. This is what the university says home insurance : MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 19. Insurance for personal property must be provided by the student and the College is MedlinePlus not responsible for loss or destruction of personal property , including loss by theft, fire , MedlinePlus etc. Therefore, students should make sure your family insurance plan provides sufficient MedlinePlus coverage for your belongings while away from home or consider whether a
Does insurance cover all power surge damage to electronics?2armadillo2012-10-24 21:45:02
Cookware is ruined , ceiling fan , watersoftener , garage door openers , television , clock radio, wireless phone.fuse box at home. Stereo surround sound. After power surge or lightning storm we're not sure ? Is this going to be covered by the citizens of Hanover house insurance ?
Can i claim for aquarium electronics on halifax home insurance ?0Gamefreak2012-09-03 08:18:02
my hydor Koralia Wavemaker 4 broken controller
Can i claim for aquarium electronics on halifax home insurance ?3Lace2018-09-04 23:29:54
hydor koralia wavemaker 4 controller broke
Electronics Has a Plan to Reach 500 Million Players02021-05-02 23:01:41
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My wife wants a divorce. we have no kids and no property beyond some electronics and a car. what should i do?5smileyface2012-10-22 00:22:54
me and my wife been married 14 months but seperated last the 6. she told me she wants a quick divorce and i said i won't contest anything since she just wants out and doesn't want anything from me (alimony, supports, insurance). far as i know she hasn't hired an attorney or anything what should i do?
Do you think if we socialized Electronics, poor people could afford Health Insurance?0Erol2012-07-23 00:38:03
I noticed that all these poor people that quit their evil Wal-Mart job and complain about the inability to pay for health insurance and hospital and doctor visits are the same people with iPods, expensive cellphones, satelite dish, 50" HD telivisions, Playstation 3, Blu-Ray players. Why don't we socialize electronics? The government should open up a Best-Buy.
If i buy a joint travel insurance policy do I always have to travel with my partner to be covered?0Jessy-Ohio2012-07-01 16:58:48
I am looking at purchasing a joint travel insurance policy, however, if I do this does it mean if I travel alone I am not covered? do I always have to travel with my partner for the policy to work?
Can you reccomend good travel insurance for travel for a year from the UK to China?0Ashley.2012-07-01 03:42:01
I will be working in China and the need to purchase travel insurance good, reliable , but at a reasonable price.
Does couple travel insurance cover 2 people if they travel independently?1? hate you love me 〆2012-11-01 19:47:02
This has to do with the annual insurance. So say I 'm going to America with my partner in a month and then in 5 months time I go to Spain and goes to Turkey , the two will cover individual holiday or not, who do not travel together?
Is airplane travel REALLY safer than automobile travel? And what is good drug for flying?1Atul2012-10-23 18:49:25
I do not like flying in airplanes. I have flown a lot in my life. My parents took me to a lot of vacation and travel by plane I have flown a lot in the military and beyond. The older and older I get, the more I'm afraid. So much so that when I go on business trips every two years now, I am almost in a panic on the flight. Last year, I have Xanax prescribed by my doctor, but I was not so impressed with its soothing qualities. In fact, it took me probably 5 Xanax before I even remotely feel calmer. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So I have two questions: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) I often hear that air travel is safer than car travel, but I feel that this analysis can be misleading. Here are a couple of reasons why: MedlinePlus MedlinePlus a) On flights that go wrong, usually die. In car accidents that sometimes die, but often just injured. When compared against air safety car safety are simply comparing accidents in case of accident or being compared to deaths deaths? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus b) When comparing air safety vs car safety, which is just by the numbers of the population as a whole. However, we all know that there is a big difference in safety between different groups of drivers. In fact, insurance companies base their rates on some of these differences. So if you compare the deaths of aviation security passenger to death of the safest group of drivers, air safety is still rated favorably? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) Finally, when driving a car, you have a very large contributor to the safety performance of the unit. By flying in a plane, you are given full control over the people you do not know and in most cases ever know or see! You want to drive in a car with people who did not know or could not see? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Question # 2 refers to drugs that calm the fear of flying ... What do you recommend that really works? I do not care what the side effects are. And not recommend Xanax, because I told you it sucks. MedlinePlus

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