If I have a treatable but possibly fatal disease, and no insurance,will the US health system let me die? related questions

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If I have a treatable but possibly fatal disease, and no insurance,will the US health system let me die?1Ravenous 2012-08-09 13:36:42
I live in South Dakota, MN . I know MN has a statewide coverage , does anyone know if SD has something similar. I'm worried about my girlfriend hyperthyroidism , she needs to see a doctor.
Australia. Public health system vs private health system. Wisdom teeth extraction.?0Agatha2012-07-27 06:15:02
Hi, I'm a 23 yr old sole parent to my 11 month old son. I am currently on a pension. My funds are pretty tied up right now, just to cover general living expenses ( just to pay our rent for a tiny 2 bedroom mouldy,stingy unit is costing me half of our pension as it is). I recently went to a public dentist as I had pain in my lower jaw and I have been told that I need to have all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted. The two bottom teeth are half impacted by my jaw bones. This causes me a great deal of pain. My whole jaw throbs, the gums sarroundings the teeth are broken and split, at the moment they are infected again, they are swollen and purple :/ I was put on a public waiting list, they won't even be looking at my teeth for 12 months and have no word on when they might actually be able to extract the teeth. Anyway, in agony, I went and seen a private dentist and he has quoted me $2300 to do the surgery. As financial times are tough at the moment, it may take me a couple of years to come up with this kind of money. Is private health insurance an option worth looking at or will the cost of the insurance outweigh the costs of saving to have the surgery done myself? Thanks!
What kind of health care system does the WHO reports the best system in the world?0i luv mel 2012-10-14 18:45:03
Would this be so bad? This is only an excerpt from a first-hand account with insurance in France. It makes sense. "How good is the French medical care? Surveys by the World Health Organization rate the French system as the best in the world, and far better than average health care in the United States. Life expectancy and most other relevant rankings are also higher in France than in the United States. From our own experience, we would agree that French medicine is much better and far cheaper than in the United States. When we lived in Florida, my very expensive heart specialist seemed content for me to have a bit of high blood pressure, which he saw as natural for a person of my age. Not so here in France, where the doctors kept changing my pills until they got me down to the normal 120 over 80. The French doctors also found a way to end a long-standing enlargement of my heart that never bothered my American doctors. To be fair, not all doctors here are as good as the ones who've treated us, and we've heard the same kind of horror stories we heard in the States about doctors who buried their mistakes. We also hear threats to cut back funding, which is already far less per head than spending on medical care in the United States. But, so far, we've gotten the best of care, as do all our neighbors, including workmen, farmers and retirees on limited budgets. Why, then, can't Americans have the same kind of socialized medicine? Mostly, because of the health maintenance organizations and insurance companies, who take such a big slice off the top. So strong is their influence that almost no one of any clout in American politics dares to talk of a single-payer system that would simply do away with private medical insurance, except perhaps as the kind of top-up they have here. Hopefully, if enough Americans get to know what exists here in France, the debate will open up. Something like the French system would certainly save Americans a great deal of money and provide much better care. But, for Anna and me, it's already too late. We've become so enslaved by the great medical care we now have that we cannot see ever moving back to the United States or anywhere else. That, I suppose, is the true horror of socialized medicine that all those Florida doctors warned about back in the 1940s." http://www.truthout.org/112108A
All of my injury came from a car accident All injurys are treatable will need to have arthoscope on my knee?1memFISTO 2012-04-29 04:59:57
All of my injury came from a car accident injurys All are treatable arthoscope will need to have in my knee?
If I think I may have a disease and want to get health insurance?0Mira2012-08-03 13:52:02
If i get insurance and then go in right away will they be able to void the policy? If so how long would i have to wait?
What to do if you have periodontal disease without health insurance?0Raina2012-07-12 23:18:02
Hey guys, I have been diagnosed with periodontal disease. I have no health insurance and there is no way I can afford the doctor bill. I am now like in the middle of desert; no solution. Where can I go for help? Is there anything natural I can take expecially for the bad breath? - have tried mouth rinse and many other things. Please help!
I am trying to get health insurance on myself. I've seen a doctor re. a possible vascular disease that has not0Tessa2012-11-01 23:11:05
yet been diognosed. When filling out the application, how would the insurance company know that I saw a doctor unless I write it down? Is my medical info. stored somewhere for anyone to see just by my name/social???
Is Hansen's disease covered by health/life insurance?0mehak2012-11-05 22:51:57
A friend of mine in considering taking a mission trip to Nepal to evangelize in a village known to have widespread leprosy. I wonder if any life/health insurance company would cover this as her trip would not be job but church related. Does anyone know or can think of a way to ask my friend insurance company without jeopardizing her current coverage?
If someone gets health insurance from work and he goes to doctor. Does employer gets all the disease?0Goldi2012-06-24 10:35:21
the history of the insurance company ?
Moving out possibly- health insurance question?2Japanese is the husband 2012-06-14 20:07:53
I have 19 years of age and attend a community college . I want out , but I need to know , I can stay in my health insurance to parents if I move from full time to go to class? and if I do what allowed me to take out insurance before im 25? my parents are alcoholics and I'm tired of bothering me and stressing me out . it is making me do bad in school because something always goes wrong at home. please help ? I am a type one diabetic. I work a 8.50 per hour worked and have no loans for college, yet I was paying all at once because my college is only half of 3000. I have one year paid in full , I'm working over the years. please help me
Disability, health insurance, medical bills piling up, disease?0Calisto2012-07-14 22:35:02
I am in America, state is Arkansas, male age 33 years old. I am bed ridden, I suffer from on and off chills and fever, stabbing pain in my low back, pelvic pain, severe rectal pains (I can not sit down even for 30 seconds because of severe shooting pain), testicle pain, burning urination, joint pain, and other symptoms that are to sexually related to name. Also I have to watch my diet as most foods cause a flare up in symptoms I have to avoid fried foods, any food that has tomato or tomato sauce in it, green beans, peanut butter, most sugary desserts , anything with caffeine in it. my diet consists of bland foods plain ham on white bread , chicken noodle soup, crackers, pretzels ,plain turkey on white bread etc. If I do eat for example a piece of pizza or some chilli or french fries I will be in severe pain that can last anywhere from a few days to many months months depending on what food and how much of it was ingested, tomato's are the worst of the bunch. During this time I will be in so much pain I will cry on and off from the pain lasting from months on end. It will cause an elevation in symptoms and a burning in the back and anus , testicles, urine, pelvic area. It almost feels like a fire burning, the burning sensation is very intenese, followed by lost of muscle throbbing, spasms, and sharp stabbing pains. I can't detail every single little thing happening because it would take way to long. But I have summed it up... I can't work,( and that means any kind of job at all, even if it is sedentary.) I don't have a penny to my name at this point, hospital bills are stacked up and I am unable to pay for them. More tests need to be ran to get to the bottom of my illness but they have stopped because I can not afford to pay the hospital. I have been diagnosed a few times with chronic prostatitis pelvic pain syndrome,some doctors agree this is what I have, others disagree. I have often thought of just committing suicide and getting it over with because the physical pain is just to much to bear. My medical problem has been going on since August of 2010 My question ......... I have no clue how to proceed, how to go about getting on disability or how to even get any medical insurance. I have asked doctors how to proceed to which they have responded we are doctors we are not medical insurance companies and that is not our problem. do I call someone ? send a letter some where ? I am guessing health insurance costs money, how much will it cost me ?
When you are diagnosed with a new disease like diabetes, would your insurance premium go up for health coverag?0Jamin2012-07-22 00:58:02
Like say, if your employer was paying the health insurance that you care how sick he is and what the doctors to put or what he diagnosed as to the amount the employer would have to pay on your policy ?

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