How long do it takes to get a settlement from workers comp?

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last year was injured in the workplace continues to work with this company , how long does it take them normaily agreement , which became a lawyer in this case , how long will it take after I'm releasesd doctor.
Answer1EstebanAnswered at 2012-08-03 06:25:03
Settlement? Well, a lawyer slows things down , sometimes a lot . The lawyer should be able to say when.

Once the amount of compensation is agreed , it may take up to 6 months if a judge has to approve . If the amount is not agreed , moreover, could never get one , or it could be a year or two.

Usually, the solution is not until you are medically stabilized, and the degree of permanent disability is known. So it could be another year or so , depending on your injury.

True, no government money involved in this. Lump sum payments are allowed in some states, but not all. Prizes are subject to court his lawyer , and any medical providers who have not been paid yet - especially if you are permanently disabled and have Medicare will pay for any treatment, they are entitled to reimbursement .
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