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How to make Office Communication policy?0 Attitude can not replicate ▃ ▁2012-05-26 07:09:47
Friends . . . Greetings I have to come up with a communication policy for our organization. Please give me some references or samples and supplies. The overall proposed policy should include " the use of font size font, written correspondence e.mails , ie , hard copies of the letters, presentations, policy briefs , etc. Please guide me . Thanks and wishes Srikanth.HR
How do I make a doctor's office work with insurance instead of just being lazy and trying to make me pay it?1COMB 2012-05-29 08:37:14
In February 2009 I was in hospital and at that time I was unemployed so I signed up for AHCCCS ( public assistance for health care in Arizona). Several medical expenses were covered later, except for one . This doctor's office sent me a bill 11 months after the date of service and said I had trouble working with the State to cover the bill. I made many calls to AHCCCS and the doctor's office to try to resolve the issues between them , but I keep getting bills . I think that the woman in the doctor's office just hates AHCCCS and will not deal with it. Since I am not the only provider there is much I can do, if they will not make an effort to work out the kinks between his office and AHCCCS then there's not much I can do. I keep getting a bill every month. Can the doctor's office come after me , although I was covered by insurance at the time because there was only enough effort to straighten it ? What options do I have?
Can I make this a home office?6-NeObLaZtErS- 2021-05-10 02:24:48
I live in a very small, one bedroom apartment. I believe it's no more than 500-600 square feet, if that. I have taken the big room and divided it into three areas. First, the kitchen. That has tiles. Second, the living room, which is defined by a carpet. Has a couch and TV. Third, the other corner, which has a kitchen table (which I NEVER eat on) and has my scanner, my laptop, a fan, and my bookshelf which has mostly computer books (and some of my other, general reading books). I'm a small business owner. My "business address" is my house on my insurance policies, and it is my only actual office (I don't rent space anywhere). My mailing address is separate, but that's because I use a mail service. I have 7 clients. Two require on-site work a day or two per week (and it varies a lot). I never go on-site for the other five clients (I do my work from home, always at this table). 1) Can I make the portion of the table a partial home office, so that if my rent is $1200, I can deduct perhaps $200-$300/mo? 2) Since this would be a home office, would commuting to my clients when they request (2 days a week or so, and it varies) be a deductible expense for gas/mileage? Since the majority of my clients are "work remotely", traveling is the exception. One client that I travel to is only a few miles away, but the other is 30 miles away and about 4 towns over. On those days, I rent a car (I don't own one). Thanks for any advice.
LIC Policy can we buy direct in the office or agent needed , how about online policy ?0 give ã‚ž "This forging love" ã„Ÿ2012-06-06 02:54:35
LIC policy can be purchased directly at the office or the agent is necessary , what policy online?
Is it okay for doctor's office to make you pay upfront, before billing to your insurance?3Evelyn2012-07-21 20:29:02
I have 23 weeks of pregnancy and used private insurance through my employer, for the first time, covering 80/20. I started going to the doctor in September, I paid the co-payment of the first visit. I received an EOB for laboratory services and has a bill later. I went to the doctor again a month later, had an ultrasound fact, have not been billed for anything. When I went back for a checkup early November, I asked about the allegations. I was presented with a "contract" to sign, stating that you will pay $ 640.00 (which covers all medical consultations, laboratory tests, caesarean section, and postpartum check-up). This is 20% that I am responsible for that insurance does not cover. I explained that I will not have insurance so after my job ends at the end of the year, and I will take Medicaid. The office manager said it did not matter, I still have to pay $ 640.00. When I returned again for my next appointment at the end of the month (3 days to be exact) for a checkup and another ultra-sound, he wanted half of the payment, because apparently I have to pay in full for my 7 th month pregnancy. I told them again that I will be receiving Medicaid. And again, I said it did not matter. So I went ahead and wrote a check for half. I called my insurance provider, and they told me the doctor's office just showed up to my September visit. Now I am approved for Medicaid and have just learned that can be used as secondary insurance but come to see my OB / GYN does not accept secondary insurance. When I arrived at the doctor's office for more answers the billing department, both the administrator and office manager denied that I have not mentioned anything about getting Medicaid. The lady who makes his billing, he said $ 640.00 was only estimated, when they present all I have to pay more. I discussed about having Medicaid, and I told them not have to pay that amount. The lady told me that the check you gave them was not refundable and I signed the contract and that I can try to switch to another doctor, that is if they will take me because I'm more than half of my pregnancy. I said that does not mention anything about being non-refundable. She said firmly, which is not refundable, and will probably pay more when presented for the 4 visits I have been. I asked the lady, "What if this doctor is not my baby, and does another doctor?" She told me I still have to pay the $ 640.00. So I said, "So you're telling me that if I were to have my baby while I'm out of town, and another doctor at birth, the doctor still get paid, plus they have to pay another doctor? " She said: "Yes." I'm not familiar with how insurance works, but that's just ridiculous! I'm tired and stressed out to talk to them because I still feel it is unfair. Can I get help through my private insurance, if I bring up this issue?
Communication Delay in Four Year Old?0plz help me2012-08-28 17:15:06
My son, who just turned 4 last month, seems to be behind most other kids his age when it comes to expressing himself. He is extremely smart...knows all his letters (upper and lowercase) and their phonetic sounds, can count to 30, identifies all his shapes and colors, and can even read three letter words. He is very social, loves interacting with other kids, but is just as content to sit and play with his trains all day. He has an INCREDIBLE imagination and can make up stories, and can put puzzles together like they are easy as pie. When he speaks, he is understood, but he just doesn't communicate as well as I think he should. He has just stopped reversing his nouns and adjectives . He used to say, "You see that car blue?" rather than, "You see that blue car?". He speaks in very broken sentences. When he wants to tell us that his older brother spoke harshly to him, he'll say, "He say words!" or "He tell me no!". Other kids his age use complete sentences. He just says the basics...just enough to get his point across, and that is it. Our insurance doesn't cover speech therapy, and I'm not even sure that is what he would need anyway. PLEASE HELP! I am not an overly-concerned parent, but this has been worrying me, since I want him to be where he needs to be before he starts Kindergarten in a couple years. THANKS!
Cognilift:-Better the communication between brain cells0LorisPisan2021-03-08 23:07:22
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Cognilift :Better the communication between brain cells02021-03-08 22:26:57
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Communication flow between each of the departments at an insurance company0Marina2012-03-29 14:40:12
Communication flow between each of the departments of an insurance company
Co-workers forming cliques, how to get back in the communication loop?0hollistergurl2012-08-19 02:45:04
All work and got promoted a year ago. At that time there was not a huge clique with 1/4 people in my office and people involved 3/5 from another office IT. They did things like went to lunch, organized parties, jointly developed and updated each other on their project. Often in the morning a person in the group would come by my office just to ask "Is M (person 1/4 in my office) here?'re Invited to eat ..." Very annoying and rude ... but at least tolerable. I usually just say "I have no idea" ... b / c I did not make a point of tracking their every move. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now my boss (my one office employee that got along with (hence the promotion of age) who was not in the gang) joined it and suddenly I had to really push even receive updates on new projects and has very little work. And ... he comes to ask people to go to lunch and such, I just NEVER. Sometimes I wonder if he is just testing my sense of dignity? ! Just do not understand ... all the clique have to match them at least that is, work twice a week while I (as I always have) go to the gym seven days a week, they do "risque" things like riding ATVs meanwhile I own a motorcycle, which are regular attendees of the club, while I'm a live DJ ... and somehow I'm never good enough for your group. Note: Do not brag shit ... sometimes happens that someone in the group catches me in the gym or listen to me on the phone shopping for motorcycle insurance during lunch. Now the guys at 3/4 of my office is in the group and a man has only been there for a month while I've been on the job for two years. How do I approach these guys? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Please help...communication issues with my public adjuster on insurance claim?0Amy2012-05-26 19:40:49
My neighbor had a house fire and my house had some fire damage and a lot of smoke damage. I used a catering company in good standing and recommended by a public adjuster. The catering company did very well, and the adjuster looks great on paper ... 20 years of experience, good grades online (only 1 or 2 complaints), and I was sold when I signed with them. Well, it has been anything but smooth. Seem to get ahold of it is difficult. If I call and ask for a call back, email me within a day (no callback). I never know exactly where things are going in terms of numbers is concerned. When I did the final figure, and said he agreed with him, I said it seemed a little low and I would get estimates from contractors before accepting insurance. She says it is not standard and we can always return to the insurance for more money. I just do not like the idea of ​​that. Not to mention I've been trying to hire a contractor, but not knowing my budget to work with that is a bit difficult. I have no idea what the bill is catering company (which she said she would care for and negotiate) so I have no idea what you can pay a contractor. So my house is ... ready to be rebuilt ... but I have no way to do it now. The'm paying, but I'm not getting the service I thought. I took a week to contact her recently and when I did go through it was surprised I needed something (that is, after numerous messages, etc. and consider my house has not worked and have not received money to time). I talked to the owner of the company, which practically ruled he had to say. This is a small company, so I think they always have each others backs and do not really have a serious complaint. What should I do? This is my first claim. I do not know much about the procedures and what happens then. I thought that's what I hired her for. But I've been doing a lot of field work with the insurance company. I did not even know that a check was cut from the insurer. Sent it to the public adjuster is left unclaimed, and sent back to the insurer. When I complained that the public adjuster, she blew up like that. I'm expecting too much? Is that how public adjusters usually work? I feel as if your paying anything at this point.
Can you transfer an insurance policy to an office in a different town?0Scottland2012-06-30 08:19:02
My husband and I have insurance through State Farm . We recently moved an hour away from the office is through our secure , however, and this makes things very inconvienent . There is an office closer to the State Farm where we are living now. Does anyone know if we can transfer our insurance policy to another State Farm office nearest to us without any fee or rate of change? ( I do not like dealing with the insurance office , so I will not do unless you know you can do . )

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