Can I be covered under my girlfriend's insurance plan if we have lived together for a year and a half? related questions

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Can I be covered under my girlfriend's insurance plan if we have lived together for a year and a half?3Dorothy2012-07-25 01:36:03
My girlfriend works for AT & T and enrolled in your insurance plan . I just graduated from college, and have not started the job with my work yet. Insurance coverage I had with my parents going to expire later this month.
Is your girlfriends property covered under your homeowner insurance1Indonesia2012-03-15 20:00:50
Is your property covered by your insurance brides housing
I was insured on my girlfriends car by her policy as an additional driver. I now own it, am i still covered?8Casta2012-10-10 07:45:02
Basically my girlfriend and property of our car insurance under your name. I was insured as an additional driver . Now we have separated , but moved from car ownership to my name. I am still assured by its current policy ?
My wife is covered by the NEI medical plan and she needs a medical certificate for US citizenship status. Is this exam covered by the plan0otter2011-12-28 20:44:36
My wife is covered by the NIS medical plan and you need a medical certificate from U.S. citizenship status . This test is covered by the plan
You have an hmo insurance plan in Virginia your husband spends a lot of time in New York and is not covered by your hmo if you switch to a ppo will he be covered in N.Y. and if he is will it cost more1lynx2012-01-31 23:16:49
You have an HMO insurance plan in Virginia her husband spends so much time in New York and is not covered by your HMO if you switch to a PPO to be covered in NY and if you are going to cost more
Will I be covered on auto insurance if I was a month and a half nehind on payments?0Jake s2012-07-29 16:30:57
I was about 1 1/2 months behind on my auto insurance. Well, to go to get into an accident and a total of 2,004 my truck witch has a total coverage the same day my wife went and paid in full by insurance. Will I be covered or am I screwed? ? ? PLEASE HELP ! thanks
Is the auto insurance pay every half year or?4Coco2012-11-04 15:01:02
monthly ?
Can a company put a claim through my insurance after a year and a half?1 ゞ ﹏ ? locked -2012-05-25 16:40:33
In September 2009 came to a gas pump ! (I know - I take off my shoes when I drive ) The operator took my number plate and driver's license number . I was in contact with the company and I had informed them that was not used to go through my insurance would pay out of pocket for damages . They had to call me when the evaluation was completed with the amount of damages. I never received a call from them . A year and a half later we now are calling me and asking for my insurance information to make a claim through - I still do not know how , but the damage was the pump was in use in the afternoon. There were no police involved in this situation. Can they still try to put a claim through my insurance, after a year and a half?
Will over half of america not have health insurance come the year 2015?0Roy S2012-10-23 00:46:24
health insurance has increased by 120 % since 2000 . What is your opinion?
So i got into a fight a year and a half back...?1Lei2012-09-11 01:15:03
and i got hit in the nose. i should be having medicare/caid whatever pretty soon. i dont want to say i have a deviated septum...cause i dont. i cant breathe through both sides perfectly fine. its just crooked and ruins self esteem. is there a way i can get this fixed off of my insurance??? and will i have to have a nasty crooked scar/ or a scar in general on the tip of my nose even though it isnt a whole nose fix??? thanks for any help. this crap bothers me.
Would i be able to change my License over from VA to NC? its already been a year & half though...?0[email protected] citY 2012-07-11 11:15:03
Also, i have my 2011 property taxes for VA to pay, will i still have to pay that if I switch over to NC? & I believe VA cancelled my license because they gave me 30 days, so will NC let me switch with no problem? I wanna keep my VA license, but I cant prove residency for VA because i get no mail there. So im just going to get insurance & switch over to NC. (seems the simplest solution if there wont be any problems at NC dmv with the switch) suggestions anyone?
Sent doctor bill year and half later I don't think I owe?0Helena2012-07-15 22:26:02
I received a bill in the mail today for laboratory services from a doctor's appointment I had 18 months ago. The bill says: " Burn Notice " on it, but this is the first time I received this bill . Also, when I went to the doctors who paid my copay. The medical insurance bill and billed the difference with me. I know you paid the account they gave me, but I do not keep copies of old bills that have already paid . What I can do?

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