Can you file a claim against two homeowners insurance companies at the same time? related questions

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Can you file a claim against two homeowners insurance companies at the same time?1Zoie2012-06-15 07:53:24
Can you file a lawsuit against two insurance companies homeowners at the same time?
Can I file homeowners insurance claim?6Bea2012-09-23 19:33:02
During a meeting together on Superbowl Sunday in my house , one of my friends fell and landed on another friend, and broke his foot. The injured friend is an ICU nurse and has been unemployed ever since. She is having trouble paying their bills on State Disability payments . She claims now that my husband and I can file a claim on our homeowners insurance . I am looking for guidance on this issue . I have no problem with the claim, but I'm not sure what action is taken against us as a result. I want to be there for my friend, but I feel that this was not in any shape or form our fault. The person who fell (actually a jump) in his also owns a house, your insurance company will be able to cover all this? I'm thinking that because it was on our property , we are responsible. Any insight is appreciated.
Can someone file a claim on your homeowners insurance if...?1Simona2012-07-27 07:12:01
Can anyone make a claim on your homeowners insurance if they were in his house and was injured, but they were drinking and fighting for here?
Can I file a claim against my neighbor's homeowners insurance?1rafael2012-10-01 23:44:02
In addition to helping my neighbor hanging Christmas lights on your property, I fell off a ladder while trying to climb to the roof . I suffered a dislocated ankle and a fracture. I'm out of work for 8 weeks due to injury. ¿ I can file a claim, or I'll have to sue for any help in medical expenses and living expenses ?
What is the Statue of limitations to file a homeowners insurance claim0Daniel2012-03-11 13:20:44
What is the statute of limitations for filing an insurance claim housing
Can you file a homeowners insurance claim after the policy is canceled?0David2012-05-26 19:12:54
Can you file a claim for homeowners insurance after the policy is canceled ?
If my deck collapses and I file a homeowners insurance claim, how does that affect my rate?0Sebastiane2012-05-26 06:48:20
I have a deck of 700 square feet in New England. If , by chance of snow , collapses, and file a claim , what happens to my insurance? Will you stop doing if I have a claim? If they do , how much will it cost to regain the insured after a claim?
Can you file an insurance claim for two different things at the same time.?0Petica2012-05-25 00:12:22
Can you file an insurance claim two different things simultaneously. They are not related and do not occur simultaneously. For example , a leaky roof , and plumbing .
Maximum time to file insurance claim?4Tenderness due to you2012-04-17 22:04:55
How long have you until I can not file a claim with your auto insurance ?
DO you have to have car insurance for a certain amount of time to file a claim?0Michi2012-09-10 11:11:02
I just got my car insurance last week. When my boyfriend and I were driving through the mountains yesterday accidentally ended up back in a tree branch hanging low. He is arrested by the window and leaned back the rear hatch of my SUV . The two pilots are usually very responsible , but it was late at night and we could not see the end : (I have long had my insurance , and I was wondering if there is a certain amount of time that has to be covered by them to present a claim .
How much time you do have to file a claim with your insurance company1Brigham2012-01-31 05:34:18
How long you have to file a claim with your insurance company
Minimum time before i can file an auto insurance claim?0Mb2012-08-11 10:12:39
I just added my new truck to my insurance policy yesterday and paid them two months of insurance, and last night I was in an accident. is too early to file a claim? they will accept?

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