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My laptop insurance are not covering my stolen laptop as they say it was not forcibly removed from my person.?1maliik2012-09-15 09:50:03
A little while ago my laptop was taken from me without no knowing from my laptop bag as I was travelling through London, I reported it to the police and then reported it to my insurance to get my replacement. I rang them up today and they said they would not cover it as it was not forcibly removed from me. Is there anything I can do to appeal this in any shape or form, in the insurance form it states under theft: "Loss as a result of violent or forcible entry or exit from the property stated on the schedule or Theft of the equipment from the insured involving force or the threat thereof. Where the Equipment is portable cover extends to any location while under the control of the insured. Is this me pretty much boned or is there away round this?
My laptop was stolen?3. å°› benzene Dan 2012-10-21 15:53:02
ok I had a $ 3000 laptop that was stolen and I have no insurence on it. my question is is there anything that covers so you can get a new ..... only serious answers thankyou
Stolen laptop in a car!!!?1cob2012-08-17 02:48:04
I bought insurance from a year ago . my laptop was stolen after he left the car for 1 hour in the office and blocked the car that comes with alarm. I have heard no alarm because my my workspace a bit noisy or colleagues. or do you think you can secure your laptop stolen?
Toshiba laptop stolen.. im insured but have missed a few payments?1didgeridoo !! 2012-06-15 01:41:28
my toshiba laptop was stolen last night is assured but ive missed some payments , sometimes , but I am so far with only sometimes money is not in that day .. I will be abe to demand a new laptop ? or leave me?
Car broken into and laptop stolen - chances of auto insurance covering it?3Bolton2012-07-28 14:36:03
My car was broken into ( rear window broke) and an expensive new laptop was stolen. I have no auto insurance completely, and even the police told me that the auto insurance that covers it. However, the person who says that claims only auto insurance and auto parts are covered. Is this something that's a given fact or it's just that I have to talk to argue with the insurance company ? In response to another question , someone said here that may be necessary to consult a lawyer and threaten to complainw with the Better Business Bureau, etc. Does that help ? Does it matter if this incident is known as acts of vandalism against theft ( the car window smashed , there were witnesses, he was a police report ). Any other ideas to help recover the costs? The value of goods stolen is about $ 3500 ...
Renters insurance covers laptop stolen out of car how do i file claim? and how does it work?0bre2012-10-18 07:45:02
My laptop was stollen my car today was the only thing of value in my car , so there was nothing that was stollen a little late , so I did not call the insurance company , but I'll call tomorrow . my USAA Renters insurance covers with my laptop and covers any iteams in the original list of belongings in case of theft of car, so I need to know how to claim and how I've never had to file an insurance claim before. I have to use my husbands work laptop now , but I will not have it when I need it. I'm in school and that the laptop had all my school papers childs photos and everything thankfully no social security numbers or anything as important as that, but the school papers and photos are very important to me . HP laptop was new , it was not cheap . i had closed the door , but one of the doors had something stuck in it and I did not know and would not lock because it has not closed completely . I had the laptop under the seat , but I guess that is a thief for you to ensure that you see everywhere if they see an open door . I was thankfull i had nothing more valuble in the car . Furthermore, there was presented to the police because I discovered it had been stolen until I went to the store . besides the store does not have security cameras . trust me , I feel like a complete idiot !
I got my Laptop and Mobile phone stolen at airport....Should I claim contents insurance?1Bolton2012-06-24 16:35:55
I went to see out of one of my first cousin to my work. I have no idea how sombody stole my laptop bag that had my phone aswell . I have the receipt for the laptop but I have nothing for my phone since I bought it from some1 .... Should I claim my home insurance ? Since I have no idea what was stolen so what I say? I am the police station to report . My real concern is that I have no idea how they stole all I remember is I was helping my friend put your luggage in the car and at least the following , my laptop bag was gone .... r gona cause problems in processing the claim?
My car window got smashed in and my laptop got stolen. Can I hold the car park company liable?6Justi2012-06-01 10:27:47
The park belongs to the college with posters everywhere saying " university security patrol the premises regularly " and also " CCTV cameras operate in this area." ¿ I can hold them accountable for repairing the car and a stolen laptop ? (Actually borrowed from the library of the UNI and costs $ 2000 to replace ). If you have information I would really appreciate it . Thanks in advance !
I got my Laptop and Mobile phone stolen at airport....Should I claim contents insurance?0justjen932012-08-30 11:55:07
I went to say goodbye to my cousin 1 directly from my work . I have no idea how sombody stole my laptop bag that had my phone aswell . I have the receipt for the laptop , but I have nothing for my phone since I bought it from some1 .... Should I claim my home insurance ? Since I have no idea how they stole so what I say ? Tomorrow I go to the police station to report it.
If my laptop was stolen out of someone else's car can i make an insurance claim on my own insurance?0katie 62012-07-04 23:05:04
laptop cost about $2000, nothing else was taken from the car
If I was to claim on my laptop insurance for a replacement , what type/kind of laptop would my insurer send me?1levon2012-10-16 15:10:02
Hi , Does anyone know the answe to my question ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have an Acer Aspire 5750 Win7 4GB Ram , 2.10GHz Intel Core I3 2310 - M basically all the latest Portable Tech , which is exactly one year old. MedlinePlus I have comprehensive insurance laptop ' ' and I really need a new laptop because the 5750 this is an error, the blue screen of death still occurs for no reason , so basically I need a replacement laptop , only I'm wondering if my claim was accepted as Laptop would come to protect my bubble ? MedlinePlus Etc New / Used someone can advise me ? MedlinePlus :) MedlinePlus Thanks in advance, Chris .
I want to perchase one laptop for profesion in marketing,i am new user of laptop please suggest me good,chiep?1Sandy2012-07-29 17:25:03
Perchase want a laptop for the marketing profession , I am new to the laptop , please suggest me good, chiep ?

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