How do I make a doctor's office work with insurance instead of just being lazy and trying to make me pay it?

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In February 2009 I was in hospital and at that time I was unemployed so I signed up for AHCCCS ( public assistance for health care in Arizona). Several medical expenses were covered later, except for one . This doctor's office sent me a bill 11 months after the date of service and said I had trouble working with the State to cover the bill. I made many calls to AHCCCS and the doctor's office to try to resolve the issues between them , but I keep getting bills . I think that the woman in the doctor's office just hates AHCCCS and will not deal with it. Since I am not the only provider there is much I can do, if they will not make an effort to work out the kinks between his office and AHCCCS then there's not much I can do. I keep getting a bill every month. Can the doctor's office come after me , although I was covered by insurance at the time because there was only enough effort to straighten it ? What options do I have?
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How do you come to paint my house , instead of being lazy ?

The doctor has no obligation to work with insurance. No obligation. It does not have . Ever . If you do not like , you can find another doctor who has health insurance , welfare, that * might * work with welfare ( which, incidentally , underpaid, and has a maximum of 9 months to pay the doctor) .

Of course , the woman who hates the welfare of health insurance. Do not pay the bills! That's why many doctors do not take insurance health wellness !

Yes, the doctor's office can come after you legally pay the bill.

Like anyone else who owes money can come later.

Your best bet is to start spending hours and hours on the phone for Medicaid , trying to get someone to pay your bill. What that woman in a bad mood in the doctor's office has been doing it for you.
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