How many people in America die because they dont have medical insurance or cannot pay the medical bills? related questions

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How many people in America die because they dont have medical insurance or cannot pay the medical bills?0Crimson Fart 2012-05-24 10:22:43
How many people per year in the U.S. die because they have no health insurance? or do not have enough money? Does the hospital really turn around if you do not have insurance or money? I live in Australia and have free health insurance ( so far) but if we have to go to the hospital that will take us for free. I find it disgusting that people have to worry about how to pay your medical bills when they are sick . I can not believe that Americans have to pay before you get to see a doctor . I would like to hear your opinions or answers to my questions , thanks!
If someone in America gets cancer, but does not have health insurance or enough money to pay medical bills...?1The most lovable of flotation2012-09-24 03:38:03
... and stop work to have time to treament , how do they survive ? were left to die ?
Medical Bills going to collections if I dont pay. Should I ?0Regiana2012-07-17 18:00:02
I try and keep my credit report looking good, what happen was since I have Insurance in my name, the Hospital sent two medical bills to me regarding my son ( who lives with his mother ) I did not know about these bills until now and it is at the point where if I dont pay they are going to a collection agency. One is for $1054 they will take $527 the other is for $642 they will take $321. They want a total of $848 to keep it off my credit report. To pay the bills, I would have to max out two of my credit cards. Is it worth it to go in debt with my credit cards and not have two collections on my report??
Is there medical help for people who dont have health insurance?0ROzina2012-08-06 17:45:03
If you dont have health insurance and you dont make alot of money, is there a program or something that could help you cut down the hospital cost if you need to stay in the hospital?
Is there a certain time frame that the custodial parent should get medical bills or insurance EOBS to the noncustodial parent who is responsible for medical bills not covered by insurance0Joh2012-03-29 11:10:47
Is there a time frame that the custodial parent must receive medical bills or insurance EOB to the noncustodial parent is responsible for medical expenses not covered by insurance
Can a passenger sue me for medical bills if my insurance policy doesn't include medical coverage at all?3Zenobia2012-08-30 12:55:03
I was driving a vehicle FRIEND about 3 weeks ago carrying a family friend of mine and I hit a tree that had fallen on the road. The truck was in bankruptcy, and insurance covered only the understanding and the collision, so the truck is paid, but now you're asking about medical coverage. (He hit his hip out of socket and had to go back in ). The policy had no health coverage whatsoever. He is 19 years old. Are you entitled to sue ( or does your mother) for medical expenses when he got into the car on his own free will? Also , is there any difference that the insurance policy even mine, because the vehicle did not belong to me?
I carry medical insurance for my stepdaughter. Am I financially responsible for her medical bills?2Kell2012-07-18 06:47:03
His mother put my name in the "financial responsibility " line in hospital / form emergency room admission . Two months later , I receive a bill from them in my name but your address. (Deleted the address information and put my address on the envelope. ) Is a bill co-payments that are owed for the visit and is about to be handed over to a collection agency . Can you legally put my name on the form without my consent?
Do you really think Obamacare will stop people from bankruptcy to avoid paying medical bills?0Galaxy2012-07-17 20:09:02
Since the majority of those using bankruptcy actually have insurance, they just use bankruptcy to avoid paying their share of costs.
Is there a limit to medical bills? Someone I know signed a medical waiver and now owes 325K. His mom has died.0TS212012-06-21 23:03:17
She had no insurance.
I hav a balance for medical bills on my credit report and at the time I had medical coverage what can I do?1Trouble Chick 2012-05-20 18:19:44
I hav a balance of medical bills on my credit report and at that time I had health coverage , what I can do?
I met car accident. My Medical bill $35000Insurance company gave check to me.Can i negotiate on medical bills?0zeta2012-07-05 22:28:02
My insurance company gave verification of medical bills , pain and suffering and any other injury.Do I have to pay the total amount of hospital or what I can negotiate on that .. If the negotiations do legal?
Medical Insurance Not Paying My Medical Bills?2Joanne2012-06-10 18:41:46
So last summer I broke my ankle very badly displaced fracture and at that time I had a limited insurance . They claimed to pay up to 1k in emergency department visits , 250 for anaestesia , 2k, in doctor visits , and up to 20,000 for secondary care . This happened last August and just pay the $ 1,000 ER after I had to file some papers. This company is a subsidiary of Aetna, and instead of denying claims that simply ignore them. At the time I was without work for four and a half months because my job involved walking and my car was a manual transmission. Generally, payments will be deducted from my car out of my paycheck every week, but had to pay by credit card , while I was not working . I have a receipt for the payment of my all the way to 9.11 . I sent a partial denial of medical 11/16/07 bill because it was a day with my insurance and could no longer afford insurance as they just got a new job. My questions are , how I can do to make pay and physical therapy is considered secondary care ?

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