I have 45k in my 401 the company is closing in a few months waht should I do? I'm out on workers comp now? related questions

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I have 45k in my 401 the company is closing in a few months waht should I do? I'm out on workers comp now?0pizzadue 2012-05-24 08:26:12
I had an accident at work and have been unemployed for a year. The company will not let me take the money because I'm not working. What sould I can do?
I injured myself at work. Been on workers comp for 3 months. Got cleared and now find i out i don't.....4 불가산명사 2021-06-10 00:30:16
have a job. What kind of legal action I can take? If I can sue, I can sue to get my job or what? I live in Florida.
Workers comp and M R I procedures- do u need approval from workers comp first, or can it just be scheduled??2Dolphin2012-06-08 23:41:08
my mother injured her knee at work and has been out for a week now, and the doctor refuses to schedule an MRI until approved by workers comp ... Presonally I hate the doctor, I tried to arrange a procedure that would have caused a permanent disability so naturally I doubt it completely ... also the administrator . staff at work from my mother told MRI procedures no longer require prior approval in the State of New York ... What is the truth of the matter and that we contact to get the MRI scheduled now? she needs to get healthy and return to work , live paycheck to paycheck and this really is doing great harm to her.
Workers Comp & my Company Insurance?1PoPkiss 2012-06-16 21:22:04
I have been on workers compensation for about six months after a collision in my 18 wheeler . It's only been six months because the doctor who performed the surgery of the leg and put the metal plate directly on a nerve. I learned a few weeks ago , a different specialist , this is the reason we are still experiencing severe pain, and have made ​​little progress in therapy. The company I work provides health care through Blue Cross -Blue Shield. I just received a letter saying my insurance benefits be repaid in 30 days. I still working with the company , but receiving workers compensation . Why, if I keep working, my benefits are canceled ? The letter said I could "get" charged , but you can afford . It was a step missed by me or by the employer ? I am diabetic and definitely I can not afford my medicine without insurance. Is this legal and should not have told me right after the accident that this could happen ?
What happens if a company doesnt have workers comp insurance?0y0))))))))))))) i'm juz ChiLLiN' 2012-05-07 05:01:58
What happened to the company?
If I'm paying for workers comp for my company, am I covered by it as well?0i love you2012-05-12 04:28:36
Suppose I own this company and pay for workers ' compensation insurance , I am covered by insurance as well? For example, if I were to have an accident in one of my workplaces, workers' compensation that apply to me ?
Can workers comp insurance company ask for your medical records?4Dan-E DAngerously 2012-09-26 21:29:03
I reinjured my lower back at work. Workers' compensation is in the process of paying me for days lost from work and doctor's bill . My hour of work is conscious. Workers comp only need my medical records , I have to give them legally? My first injury was in a different job
If your company has a workers comp/ g liablity and your premium increased tremendously?0lacour2012-08-12 09:35:02
Could you just cancel with the company and re-write with someone else? I wish I had an insurance agent advised . Does the company still charge you for the premium? ? Not sure if it works as an auto insurance.
Workers comp: Do I have to divulge employment status to insurance company?1short_lil_glam_gurl 2012-06-23 17:56:55
Hey. I am an injured worker filing a workers compensation claim in California. I am receiving medical treatment, but right now there is no agreement . I am no longer employed by the company when he suffered the injury. Since then I have been employed in a couple of short-term contract or lease through work placement agencies . Several months ago, the company's workers comp insurance case manager asked me to provide information on the latest pattern , which I offered in the spirit of cooperation. I think the intention of the insurance company is for the cost of my claim to additional employers . Now I am employed in a permanent full time position . The case manager again asked me about my work situation and business . This time, think twice, and did not provide the information. Am I legally obliged to disclose my employment status ? If not, how will not cooperate with the company ins affect the handling of my claim ? Can the company ins know my current employer and contect them without my permission? -THX
I Injured my Back at work can I get workers comp? And will the company Fire Me for doing this?1. Bye.-2012-05-12 16:42:19
I injured my back at work I can get workers comp ? I moved a 2400 pounds in a skid takes her hand in the stock room because of our unique engine still is not fixed . I am in sales, but came early to help get an order in a truck. I continued with my day's work in the field (selling ) one day after my back started getting stiff. Did I mention that our personnel department of the president is now calling wondering if I'm okay . What rights do I have . I did not want to make a big deal of it because of all the firing. I need my job. I 60K per year. What should I do ?
Can a company hold workers comp out of check when you provide them a certificate of insurance?1Irma2012-05-24 15:49:24
My husband is a subcontractor to carry workers comp and general liability and had to submit an insurance certificate for the company that is working for, but keeping the workers' compensation and general liability of his visit a week can do this, that when they have provided proof of insurance.
What result usually comes out of a workers comp appeal. The insurance company is appealing their loss.?0· ① zi generation pet you 2012-05-09 07:43:08
I've been hurt many times in my life (27 broken bones and back injuries 2) who was injured in a fall in front of my boss. I collapsed 2 discs in his lower back and herniated 2 on my neck and tore my rotator cuff . I was told that there are 4 scenarios that might arise in the appeal ( a) a full trial where a jury decides the same problems as the WCC, but they are required to take the decision of the WCC is correct ( b ) an agreement in a lump sum paid and the case is closed forever , but the plaintiff receives additional compensation. ( C ) mediation which translates into a commitment or agreement. ( D ) A dismissal of the appeal and the decision of the commission is approved. What is the overall result of these . No doubt my injury and was seen happen for my boss. The insurance company is afraid that because of my injuries before these surgeries can be very expensive. Thank you for your help. Previous injuries were 30 years of cowboying . ( Breaking horses and training)

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