Is "hit and run" without leaving a note"despicable"? related questions

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Is "hit and run" without leaving a note"despicable"?1Kerwi2012-06-13 02:00:57
While parked outside my house , my car was beaten by another car . The driver walked away without even leaving a note. He made nearly $ 10,000 in damage to my car! California makes leaving a note on a legal requirement punishable by fine or imprisonment. We caught the guy and now he is suing . He lives in a mansion of several million dollars in Beverly Hills! For punitive damages in California , the conduct must be considered
If someone hits your car in a parking lot and runs without leaving a note will your insurance premiums increase even though you are not at fault1robin2011-12-12 03:34:46
If I sign on a handwritten note that is not written by me, can the note be considered as legally binding?4Miss Beatriz d Valle is in love with Jac 2012-03-14 09:06:27
I enrolled in a note that briefly says I have to bear all costs incurred for the repair of a traffic accident. However, the note was not written by me, and there were no witnesses. I did not have a copy of the note. I enrolled at the handwritten note , when still recovering from shock after the accident. This note is a legally binding?
I did bumped a car and I left a note, it cost me $ 650.00, would you still leave a note?5Eddy2012-06-11 08:23:08
I hit a car and left me a note , it cost me $ 650.00 , which still leaves a note?
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Why did someone leave a note on my car?1Oswal2012-03-22 23:46:05
Ok , I got class at 8 tonight and someone left a note on my windshield that said " never live without hope " at the end was a bit of heart and was written in large bubbles. I'm confused because no one on campus knows the trouble I am having. Are not there other people in other cars in the parking lot. Any ideas ?
They left a note, but now they won't pay, what do I do?0marilia2012-07-11 02:10:02
The front bumper of my car was slightly damaged by someone using the parking lot as I do at work. She kindly left me a note informing me of the damage, it would take to pay for the repair, and left me a phone number to contact her. That day I sent a text message and asked how he would like to receive the budget for repair and if I wanted to participate or not safe. She responded by saying he did not want to involve the insurance and pay the cost of repairing your pocket. She gave me an e-mail address to send him the budget. The correspondence continued through email from this point. Fast forward 2 weeks, I took a day off from work to take the car to get an estimate. Store # 1 came in well above what we expected both of us, after careful review of the estimate was that Store # 1 includes damage that pre-existing in their estimation . She asked me to go to another estimate, and gave me information about other 2 stores in my area. We both agreed that I would go to another store and get an estimate of the second, but I would choose where I went. Store # 2 was less than half of the store # 1, but was still expensive, almost $ 500. She responded by asking me to go to one of the stores that it had proposed earlier accused me of having another pre-existing damages included in the estimation of a second, and at the same time, said he was willing to pay $ 300 right now. I replied saying that he wanted to waste time or gas driving to different stores in the state of Texas, we have the right to choose where we take our vehicles to the estimates, if we had been dealing with your insurance company of the start I had issued a check for the total budget without any hassle and I was waiting for her since she agreed to pay reparations. I told him I was there as the second estimate was written to ensure that no other pre-existing damage was included and told him he could call the store where I got the second estimate and talk to the man himself to check he was saying the truth. I suggested that you write an agreement that protects both of us and sign before a notary, so we are both protected. I offered the option to pay me in 2 or 3 payments over several months or all at once. It has been over a month since our last communication and four months since the accident. Should I file a police report? Is it too late to file a police report? All I have is their name, email address and telephone number. That could have the license plate #, but I can not be 100% sure it was the right vehicle, as it appears as registered a name that is not theirs. Should I sue in small claims court? Or should I give up and face another cosmetic defect in the car?
What is the Special note on the new V5C?0Plato2012-05-14 12:56:24
There are 8 points in the V5C new journal , the third Special Notes : 1 - was recorded and / or used. MANUFACTRURED decleared 2001 . Can anyone tell me ( and anyone who is concerned) which means this time , please?
Am I still responsible for the car-note?6*ģ�����*���K�* 2012-05-01 11:15:37
I recently moved from DC to MD. In order to register my vehicle in the MD that I had to ask my finance company release my title of MVA. However MVA sent me the original title (in my name). Now that I have the title in my name, yet I have to pay the car note ? REPOSSED Can my car ? If I have the title that shows that I am the owner of the vehicle.
Can you get tax with a cover note?4Edmonda2012-05-23 03:54:36
Im wondering if you can get your insurance and print a cover and bring to any post office to use taxes to buy ?
About my damaged note?0Arlene2012-05-06 21:32:56
I have a $ 50 bill from Australia and around a third of that has melted and slightly wrinkled look is still acceptable ? or else what to do? or how to fix it ?
Is it OK that im leaving a $10.25 job for a $9.00 one?0Bone2012-09-27 02:24:02
The company I 'm currently paying 10 dollars and 25 cents an hour , but no free uniforms or any other benefit . The dollar 9 hours , job offers free uniforms , health insurance , and overtime . Am I really missing much ? My current job is very stressful and full of drama .

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