You have now gone to work for East Cargo Interests as its corporate counsel. East Cargo Interests (ECI) has? related questions

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You have now gone to work for East Cargo Interests as its corporate counsel. East Cargo Interests (ECI) has?0disk_ck2012-05-23 13:38:12
Now he has gone to work for the interests of East and load their business advisers . The Cargo Interests (ECI ) has a number of storage sheds available for storage of transit cargo . ECI does not own or carry a cargo load
Cargo survey,inspection and loss assessment of exported and imported cargo in Canada /North America1Jac2012-02-15 20:52:36
I need my service buyers for cargo inspection and loss adjustment for the import and export products
If you work and pay income taxes, is voting Democrat against your best interests?0A.W.2012-07-06 22:27:02
Since they want to tax you more, tax businesses more (which could result in losing your job whether you are a business owner or not), and their policies raise insurance premiums for those who have to pay? Is voting Democrat only beneficial for those who don't want to work?
How does cargo insurance work?0Ally2012-08-17 15:00:02
Specifically , which "owns " it? With the safety of vehicle is the vehicle that is insured , not the driver , that is, if I have two or more vehicles , I have to ensure that each of them. What is cargo insurance ? Do I have to ensure that the contents of each of my theoretical semi - trucks, or I can buy cargo insurance once, and will protect my position, regardless of how it is transported ? I guess I do not have to get insurance for each " load" , but as a thing of annual renewal ? I know that the premium depends on the type of materials handled (hazardous or not), but also depends on the weight, or frequency of delivery, or what?
Need some advise...don't know where to go in life and no interests?0hw2012-09-26 12:57:03
I am a college graduate. Just graduated with a B. S. in Economics. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I had a bout of depression when I was in college, no one knew. I have no friends, I had no self-esteem, never had a girlfriend, etc. So just graduated with minimum grades, and did not learn anything about economics. I lived alone in college (thankfully parents had money to support me). I remember some days I use to sit on the couch all alone, wishing I would have a girlfriend to celebrate = P MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, all that is in the past. Now, depression is gone. Loneliness and longing for friendship and company is gone. But I think I changed. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no interest in anything on this planet, except for television, and video games. I've done different things like going to family gatherings, etc, everything is boring as can be. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have no goal or ambition to be great, or the best I can be, and I do not know what I do with my life. Because I have the feeling that no matter what I do, probably not good enough -. My definition of being good enough, is one of the best, otherwise do not bother MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I care less about having a girlfriend, or have friends. I actually prefer to be alone, because television, video games, food and sleep can satisfy me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I tried to talk to a psychologist, but I stopped going after 3 sessions, because obviously he was just trying to prolong the sessions and the insurance bill a couple of times. It was not really helping, it was more of me asking "what should I do?" and he says "what do you think I should do?". MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Has anyone been in this situation before? If you have no ambition, no drive to be something big in life. Lack of interest in anything except for television, video games, food, and Sleep. No friends or friend ...... and the thing is, I do not care because I like being alone. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus PS, although I like the food, I still work out vigorously every two days. So being overweight is not the issue. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks
How do i know if my attorney is looking out for my best interests in encouraging me to take a settlement?4Idleness.2011-12-30 22:55:36
Hi - was hit by a car on my bike. I received a settlement offer by the insurance company car driver that my lawyer thinks you should take. I'm a little concerned that my attorney may be looking out for their own interests above mine. ie not necessarily believe that he is willing to take incremental work to achieve full compensation adequately to compensate for my losses. i have permanent damage that will only get worse as i age. What if we do not agree on where to go from here? would have to pay by the hour , compared to 1 / 3 of compensation earned? What is my recourse? I seek a second legal opinion ? How I can know that is looking out for my interests? Thank you for your answers.
Isn't less government less subsidies for special interests?0Trissy2012-07-29 18:12:58
If we have less government, shouldn't we eliminate farm subsidies, oil and gas subsidies, all bank bailouts, the elimination of the Federal Reserve, cheap insurance for flood prone beach property, bridges to nowhere?
Why do cons without health insurance vote against their own interests?0Please check faith2012-09-21 06:16:01
Why cons of health insurance without voting against their own interests ?
Has the Media Convinced People to Vote against their Interests?2BeeDeePee 2012-07-11 05:30:03
The media has actually convinced people that is not only good health and personal risk , when in fact 18,000 die each year because they can not have it.
Isn't it in the best interests to give children proper health insurance?0brooklinn2012-07-24 06:01:03
I wonder if this is why our naked emperor vetoed health insurance for our children. Do you think this elitist action from the emperor will have disastrous consequences for the Republicans (in addition to the bogus "war" in Iraq, Osama Binladen/Al-Zahwiri still breathing, etc.)
Why do poor cons without health insurance vote against their own interests?1Amiya2012-10-21 02:39:10
Why poor cons nonvoting health insurance against their own interests ?
Fools voting against their own self interests,vote Obama 2012 lol?1Oliver2012-07-26 13:46:03
Why would poor people drawing government benefits continue voting for the republican? Once again, the republican party has it's poor, white constituents voting AGAINST their own interests. Millions of white people have no healthcare or are facing a situation where they could lose their jobs and lose their healthcare. STILL they're angry at Obama for reforming the system to guarantee health insurance for them. How stupid do you have to be to be a poor white republican? The rich republicans don't even want to pay unemployment benefits to poor whites and these poor whites SUPPORT that decision! Are these people insane? To support somebody who wants you to have NO health insurance and NO unemployment benefits....and the rationale is: it's "socialism"? One rich republican was even on Fox News saying his kids have insurance because they have good jobs, so he doesn't really care for the provision that allows parents to cover their children up to 26 years old. And the rest of the panel is staring incredulously at this out of touch fool...The rich republicans must be shaking their heads in disbelief at these morons who support their agenda...and all just because some of these poor, mediocre white people plan on getting rich one day. No doubt poor republican whites are fking IDIOTS. No wonder they cling to their guns and religion when hard times come, so they can continue to feel they have some value to somebody. Why would poor people drawing government benefits continue voting for the rich man republican party that wants to cut out poor peoples benefits ? lol I think you are going to see a lot of elections turn around in 2012 in places like Wisconsin and Ohio, where finally, apathetic voters discover that all those battles that were so painfully won by your mother and father, your grandmother and grandfather, are going to be taken away if you just apathetically sit there on your rear-end and don

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