Workers comp and M R I procedures- do u need approval from workers comp first, or can it just be scheduled?? related questions

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Workers comp and M R I procedures- do u need approval from workers comp first, or can it just be scheduled??2Dolphin2012-06-08 23:41:08
my mother injured her knee at work and has been out for a week now, and the doctor refuses to schedule an MRI until approved by workers comp ... Presonally I hate the doctor, I tried to arrange a procedure that would have caused a permanent disability so naturally I doubt it completely ... also the administrator . staff at work from my mother told MRI procedures no longer require prior approval in the State of New York ... What is the truth of the matter and that we contact to get the MRI scheduled now? she needs to get healthy and return to work , live paycheck to paycheck and this really is doing great harm to her.
I was hit by a co-workers auto.I'm receiving workers comp. suing for under insured motorist. can this be done?0bullfrog2012-09-29 12:01:02
I was a pedestrian in worker is insufficient . auto ins . company says it will not pay because I'm comp.I workers do not understand the reasoning . I can afford the insurance what's the deal ?
Workers comp and hr?0GaмeOver2012-05-22 01:29:14
There was a copy of the wounded off work , I was unemployed for a couple of weeks. I'm working with hours and compensation of workers who pay me for my free time I have released my medical records to the insurance company workers comp , now I am asking is you had a previous injury or pre -related - existing medical condition? Do they have the right to ask me this question ?
Please help workers comp ????????????????0Algerno2012-05-22 07:57:22
Ok my employer did not provide the paper for my workers' compensation . And the state of Mn has nothing of an injury happened. I was told not fill anything. My staff in my work , said he would take care of everything. The injury will occur January 21, 2010 . And now they are trying to nonpayment. And now I'm fired from that company. What should I do ?
What is workers comp?3Ina2012-07-20 08:40:03
I was doing the night at work and broke my toe. [ I'm a big stupid ], but anyway. my parents told me to go through workers comp and had to go to a different doctor and everything. I have no idea what is helllll . I wonder if it's something that my employers would not like . because I 'm not the type of person I sue my company or something , because I got injured . and wondered if it was something like this ... I know, the question of delay. but nobody told me. so how was I to know more.
Workers comp please help?0Aztech 2012-05-13 02:33:59
insurance benefits due to delay my incoherent history of accidents. what my attorney is going to do to take care of this? ? or what is the PROCESS?
Out of State Workers Comp?1Felicial2012-08-06 19:14:02
I was working in CO and had a back injury at work. He was fired a week later and now I am back in my home state of New York. I told my dr who was injured outside the state and say they do not have state workers comp cases . Do I have to go back to CO and to see a dr ?
Question about workers comp?0Nige2012-05-18 14:21:08
I recently submitted a draft of the workers due to severe carpal tunnel . My question is once the case is approved , I do not have to reimburse the related medical expenses before submitting ?
Where can i get pa workers comp insurance?0Edmund2012-06-03 14:43:12
Where I can get comp insurance pa worker ?
Can I cancel my workers comp?1Maria2012-08-30 20:01:03
I need knee surgery . I hurt on the job . I filed a workers comp to cover it, but I want it done as soon as possible , and I hear workers comp take long to happen. ¿ I can be covered through my own insurance, and cancel the debt?
Will Workers' Comp pay for my Viagra???5Zac 2012-11-04 13:28:30
My back hurts moving a case of Taco Shells . Now I'm at home picking up the closet to be improved.
HOW DOES WORKERS COMP WORK?0Michae2012-05-13 19:34:18
I just got hurt at work , working in a meat department and a knife came into my hand cutting or damaging some tendons nervs and I went to the hospital and I had 10 stitches after I could not feel my finger rate right now my question is .. im having surgery in 2 days and iil be out of work , how much I received from my workers' compensation ? is that 2/3 of the grossness of what I can do ? Now I am eligible for compensation from the surgery? Thank you ! !

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