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What Will Be The Primary Form of Transportation....?6Maric2012-04-25 01:59:19
In California in 20 years ?
Motorcycle questions, for primary transportation?0N-COUNT-COLL 2012-07-16 10:36:03
I'm a 19 year old girl, and I'm in university. I live at home still, and I'm considering a motorcycle as a means of transportation to and from school. It's about a 15 minute drive, my family only has a two car garage (with two cars) so with a bike I could park inside. From what I've heard, gas is cheap, insurance is cheap, and the bike itself is a lot less than a car. I'd probably be using city transport or drives from friends/parents on days when it's too bad to drive (snow, ice, freezing rain, etc). I don't really enjoy driving for the hell of it like some people my age (driving around at night with 6 people in the car because you're all bored). So to me, this SEEMS practical. I won't be picking up groceries, picking up guys for dates, etc. I live in Calgary AB, and I honestly don't travel out of the NW. I would never use the bike in extreme weather conditions or huge downtown traffic. I'm a small girl (5"4). Because I don't know much about all this, I'd like the facts. What would be a good starter bike? What are risks I'm not thinking of? Does this idea seem impractical? For the most part, how are bikes/gas priced? I was looking at the 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, it seems nice, but I really know nothing about all this. What gear would I look in to getting? Are there any smaller bikes that have storage for helmets? I'm really just looking for something tiny. Any information would be great! Thank you!
Is a motorcycle an acceptable form of transportation?1KKamani2012-11-06 02:02:02
My boyfriend wants to get rid of your car to get a motorcycle and that 's all I can afford right now. He lives with me and my family. We have 2 cars we drive . He is not in the insurance therefore have to be in the car while driving , which is not always possible. He has a 5 year old son . He goes to court for custody arrangements with her son for 50 % of the time . If I had to be taken back to court because the mother believes that he has to have a car to transport your child , that the finding of a judge of motorcycles for transportation unacceptable that a child of 5 years ? His defense would be that he can use the cars that the home has , however , are not always there for him and neither is anyone ever ready to go with it. Doing so is driving illegally . If he put his son on the bike, it would be very dangerous for the child . The judge to consider me and my family for NULL vehicle use given that they are unmarried and not in the insurance (which, basically , would be invisible to the judge and the unacceptable source of transportation)? It is being very stubborn about this and think a bike is the only way out but I think I could lose custody of your child if the court heard .
Is there any form of transportation which I can use on the road if I don't have a licence?1Jerr2012-06-08 06:39:19
Apart from an electric bicycle . I know I do not need a license to use one of these on the road, but is there anything else ?
When your primary insurance runs out does your secondary become your primary0IrCMiN-e-Ak - Xoide 2012-03-04 07:20:25
When your primary insurance runs out of his high school become the main
Can you voluntarily drop your primary coverage for your secondary coverage if the primary insurance provider is making a change to the plan that will result in higher costs0Gal2012-02-06 15:09:52
Can you voluntarily terminate your primary coverage for the coverage of high school, if the primary insurance provider is to make a change in the plan that will result in higher costs
I'm about to file Blue Form (crash report form): How does it work with the Insurance company?0blondie2012-09-20 20:06:02
Just wondering . I have a hit and run . No information about the car at all. It happened in a parking lot , you can not call the police to get the report . Now you need to file Form blue , but want to got an idea of how this works because I'm a bit coufused here . What else do I have to do or will you have to wait ? Trying to get my insurance to fix my car here . I fullcaverage . Live in Texas . Thanks a lot !
Transportation?0Dyla2011-12-21 23:59:08
Transportation?1Chris2012-04-01 20:21:48
I am researching about cities or states can do road tests that have nothing to do with the parking parllell testing. I am an adult and I already purchased my permission, can someone please help me.
If the father is primary based on birthday and the mother is secondary is it legal for the mother to use her insurance as primary by not telling the provider about the father's insurance1i love you2011-12-19 07:11:54
If the father is primary based on the birthday and the mother is secondary , it is legal for the mother to use your primary insurance if not the parent's insurance provider
Transportation after an injury in a car accident?0Bartholome2012-09-18 06:15:04
I was in an automobile accident not too long ago and was injured. I am having a lot of trouble driving emotionally and physically. It's too hard and painful for me to sit up in that position for as long as I need to. My husband needs to get to work though, and I am his only means to get to work. Would the car insurance company reimburse for a month bus pass for my husband so he can get to and from work since I am his only way and I was injured to where I cannot do it? I can drive him as far as the bus stop, but his work is about 45 minutes away and that is just too much with how badly I hurt.
Can I expect to get a car for transportation after a wreck?7hua-小伙2012-06-16 17:42:22
That was the fault of another driver. He was assured, and his insurance company paid me money for my car. Add up. But you can not afford another car payment I received. ¿ I can have more to cover the cost of another car ?

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