Is it legal for banks to automatically renew your CD? related questions

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Is it legal for banks to automatically renew your CD?5Norville2012-07-20 20:12:02
and when attempting to remove , they charge you a fine? (My original CD expired at the end of May. The bank renews me for another period of 18 months at the current rate is very low. When I tried to close the CD , I want to collect six months of interest.)
Is it legal for banks to put insurance on your auto after the fact?0Melisa2012-08-05 23:35:03
Insurance expiration of one month and six months later added an insurance when he was beaten
Can a car insurance company automatically renew a policy and take full payment without my permission?6chorizo 2012-10-19 08:20:03
My car insurance was due for renewal on 28 October and after shopping around I chose to renovate another part of my existing insurance company . Now I have received a certificate from the company I was with last year and have made ​​full payment of the renewal of my account. It's probably partly my fault that this has happened, and not seen in the renewal notice close enough and it does state that the policy is automatically renewed . I phoned to cancel the insurance company and report that I have taken insurance elsewhere. I then asked for a refund. I have been told not to return the money until I return the certificate of insurance , which means that I will be
Do US banks have default insurance on credit card accounts protecting the banks from loss?0Stephanie2012-05-10 05:56:20
Is there any evidence of banks in the U.S. have a safe default for each credit card bill to protect the edge of the loss, as they may have in Germany? (See link below ) ( Consumer credit insurance protects banks and financial service providers of the risks involved in credit lines and installment loans , credit cards and electronic cash . Replaces the precautions taken so far to compensate default risk of both existing customers and new customers. All debts due under its retail banking business are covered by the policy. ) I am told that the U.S. banks do not suffer any loss when a customer defaults in payment of his credit card account with a balance because the bank is secure by default on each credit card account , which reimburses the bank in case of default , protecting the bank from loss. If this is true , where can we find evidence of this insurance default assumption underlying each credit card account created which reimburses the bank in case of default by the account holder credit card ? Sincerely , Robert -----------------------
Can an insurance company automatically renew your insurance without asking you first and then charge you.?15 ╱ Ding-class daughter -2012-06-28 04:26:03
This has happened to me and now want the company
Can you renew auto ins. in a dead persons name and it be legal?7__only ↑ pro. 2012-01-24 14:32:09
My mother died and my sister got her car. she can not get the title changed to his name. but has renewed ins. on behalf of mothers and labels. It's Ins. and legal labels ? Or if an accident is the same as found . Could this be even Ins. fraud? I hope someone can help before she ends up in a world of chaos! I learned all this tonight and can not contact someone local to Monday.
In the uk with car insurance in it legal to not to renew a policy and go back to the same company?0Eudora2012-06-16 08:00:40
as a new customer if they offer a cheaper budget to cover the same.
My CA driver's license doesn't expire for a year but I got a "renew early" form, do I have to renew it now?2Philippa2012-05-07 22:57:03
Expires On my birthday 21 and do not want a new license until then.
If I renew my Driver licence due to change of address. When is the renew DL suppose to expire?2Rangoon2012-04-03 11:46:15
I have a new driver's license due to change of address, before the change of direction, my license supposed to end in two years. I went to registration and driver's license is new, but the new driver's license expires in 2 years, as the old DL . I thought that once you renew your driver's license is supposed to be reconfigured for 5 years before maturity. thanks
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What is the proceedure of banks to finance the companies1furious 2019-01-02 18:35:52
What is the procedure of banks to finance companies

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