If I sold my car, but the car does not pass for the SMOG CHECK, am I gonna have any problem with the DMV? related questions

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If I sold my car, but the car does not pass for the SMOG CHECK, am I gonna have any problem with the DMV?0Marjorie2012-05-19 11:47:31
My car does not pass Smog Check . Since I sold it , and now the new owner is not the car registration and want to get into this situation. Do you have the right? Another issue is that I have a copy of the letter of dismissal, because I lost it. How I can show I've sold my car? The new owner was an accident and got a ticket for that. Please answer as soon as possible .
If my car passed the smog check, does it mean it will forever pass it?0Psychoman 2012-03-27 06:42:38
If my car passed the smog check , does that always happen ?
What do you do when you lose your smog registration form? can the smog check station still do the check?2squirrel2012-05-03 02:01:57
What to do when you lose the registration form smog ? can the smog inspection station still do the check?
How long does it take for california dmv to receive my smog check information after a smog test?1Andre2012-05-22 09:20:21
How long does it take for the California DMV to receive information from my smog test after a smog test ?
Sold car with no smog and expired tag (CA). they said they would do both upon purchase. This ahorrible IDEA?2miya2012-09-06 21:31:03
I'm moving to Denmark, so I needed to sell a car that Hadnot pollution found me (I could not b / c the check engine light ). Subsiquently with an expired tag . Today I sold the car to a couple with no smog or label. was all the tilte delivery, the title of the release, etc. I had a contract that I wrote that would both smog and registeration . But a friend told me it was not a legal requirement in California. In California, a title can not be delivered without the smog inspection ? Does this mean that if I sold it to a pair of double homocidal . (Or a speeding ticket frenzy / parking ) .. I am responsible ? What risk did I put in ? Any person with legal experience to help me. What should I do ? Remember the sale and sell it to a dealer?
Can my car pass smog without headlights?0Eldrida2012-01-26 11:51:48
I recently had an accident and broke the headlights , I'm doing work on the car, but I will not be able to get the lights before I have to do my required smog , so I can register my car. I wondered if all my sensors work issue and I can do without smog parts installed headlights ?
My car wont pass smog...I was told that I can sell it to the dmv...is that possible?0Michelle G 2012-03-20 04:19:08
My car passed the smog habit ... I was told that I can sell it to the DMV ... Is that possible ?
If i get a smog in nevada and pass do i have to redo it in california if i register it there?1goose2012-04-19 11:24:29
Im living in Nevada at this time that I got my car smog here and passed it . I was checking it, but here too, **** happened and now I am returning to California , do I have to redo the smog in California or the will of a snow job yet?
Will my 1995 Ford Explorer pass a smog test?0unknows2012-06-20 12:45:03
I recently moved to California. My parents gave me a 1995 Ford Explorer. It has over 300K miles on it, but the oil and other fluids have been changed religiously. The only problems with the vehicle are with the dashboard lights (the right side doesn't work sometimes). I checked the fuses, but they are all fine. I guess that it could be the spark plugs. The vehicle has run a little rough lately too. What are the odds that my Explorer will pass California's ridiculous smog tests? What can I do to improve its odds? What happens if it fails? Thanks! ;-)
My car wont pass smog but i have paid my registration fees and i have already got 2 how many are you allowed?4Luthe2012-06-09 13:34:17
im in the State of California
What do I need to have my own smog check station?0Ravenous 2012-03-14 21:13:52
What do I need
Smog check needed for a purchase of a Used Car?0Arvi2012-02-02 07:30:40
I have the letter of dismissal after buying a used car , however , California requires a smog certification if not done 90 days ago . Is that true ?

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