Is the health and life insurance industry a good sector to get employment in right now?

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Asked at 2012-05-19 09:17:29
Is the health insurance industry and the life of a good industry to get a job right now?
Answer1ChaAnswered at 2012-05-27 07:22:48
I work for an insurance agency and is now (depending on your location ) there is a boom of sales people . If you send your resume on Monster or CareerBuilder with an interest in insurance that you will get a lot of answers .
Answer2AdryanAnswered at 2012-07-23 00:31:02
It's hard to say depending on the region . I'm assuming you are not currently a licensed agent . If so, you can probably get a sales job with any insurance company anywhere. There will be an increase in the retiree market throughout the U.S. . However, I am skeptical about the future availability of health insurance for many Americans. With the cost of health insurance increasing , many Americans are choosing to go without him. Therefore, there are no commissions for you. In addition, the health industry / life is much more difficult for the property / casuatly industry. In most states , P & C insurance is required for cars, homes , boats, etc. media sales . People have to have it. No state requires that any person may have health and life insurance. Its optional.
In any case, if you participate in this industry is very slow. Be prepared to study , do your homework and get very involved with their customers. The best agents are those who are willing to make calls to customers two to four times a year , send birthday cards, anniversary cards , etc. It's a fun industry . Not so, if you do not like sales .
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