I injured myself at work. Been on workers comp for 3 months. Got cleared and now find i out i don't..... related questions

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I injured myself at work. Been on workers comp for 3 months. Got cleared and now find i out i don't.....4 불가산명사 2021-06-10 00:30:16
have a job. What kind of legal action I can take? If I can sue, I can sue to get my job or what? I live in Florida.
What can I expect if im injured @ work and they have no workers comp insurance?0Pola2012-06-30 02:27:02
I am employed in Indiana and was injured at work ... I was informed only that my employer has no workers ' compensation insurance and no insurance at all. If I had to sue my employer for my dr . bills and wages and loss that goes bankrupt does that mean I 'm screwed?
I Injured my Back at work can I get workers comp? And will the company Fire Me for doing this?1. Bye.-2012-05-12 16:42:19
I injured my back at work I can get workers comp ? I moved a 2400 pounds in a skid takes her hand in the stock room because of our unique engine still is not fixed . I am in sales, but came early to help get an order in a truck. I continued with my day's work in the field (selling ) one day after my back started getting stiff. Did I mention that our personnel department of the president is now calling wondering if I'm okay . What rights do I have . I did not want to make a big deal of it because of all the firing. I need my job. I 60K per year. What should I do ?
I got injured at work due to company's negligence i recieved workers comp can i sue for negligence.?0Gabby2012-10-05 14:15:02
I lost my 40% of my thumb and have been released by Dr. and now I'm waiting on the insurance check I said machine broke and was told to use it anyway, I can sue.
Is there a way to find out if a workers comp claim shows up in work history somehow?0cvb2012-10-04 01:54:09
Only since January 2010 , who was injured at work and got a lawyer and filed a claim with Workers Compensation and later settled for an amount woefully low, then I got a domestic violence charge in my background and now report I am suing an insurance company because one of its covered vehicles hit on my bike and make existing injuries worse. I have a limitation of lifting very light, but also advice that should not even be using my left arm due to a tear in the shoulder , but I have zero income and bills to pay . So I've been applying for things they "think" I could do at least for now and get nothing but rejections . Is there any way to know if it's because of workers' comp agreement or credit my account or freedom . violence charge or a combination of the three that I am being rejected again and again . I have not necessarily had experience in things, but I am a quick learner and so on , always on time , but no one is giving me a chance. I also happen to know, no one has called at least one of my references I use.
What do you do if you work for an employer for many years you get injured your on workers compensation the employer lays you off your doctor does not release you for eighteen months then you are told0navid 2012-02-07 10:51:30
What if you work for an employer for many years that injured workers' compensation the employer to discharge your doctor does not release for eighteen months and then tell
I injured myself at the job and want to know how much workers comp. will pay for two knee surgeries?0Ogde2012-05-01 11:57:57
had an injury to both knees at work and underwent two surgeries. How much is this worth
I have 45k in my 401 the company is closing in a few months waht should I do? I'm out on workers comp now?0pizzadue 2012-05-24 08:26:12
I had an accident at work and have been unemployed for a year. The company will not let me take the money because I'm not working. What sould I can do?
Are you covered by Workers' Compensation if you get injured in a fight at work1Mè ‖ love you 2012-05-18 15:05:39
Are you covered by Workers Compensation if you are injured in a fight at work
HOW DOES WORKERS COMP WORK?0Michae2012-05-13 19:34:18
I just got hurt at work , working in a meat department and a knife came into my hand cutting or damaging some tendons nervs and I went to the hospital and I had 10 stitches after I could not feel my finger rate right now my question is .. im having surgery in 2 days and iil be out of work , how much I received from my workers' compensation ? is that 2/3 of the grossness of what I can do ? Now I am eligible for compensation from the surgery? Thank you ! !
Can you collect unemployment or workmans comp if you are injured outside of work in Texas?1scops_owl2012-07-28 12:21:01
My husband broke his leg and ankle off the job and has been out for 7 weeks. Your employer does not put him to work until it is back to 100% ( total recovery time is approximately 12-13 weeks ), so you are looking to him to be out 6 weeks. No vacation or sick , so it is not being paid at all. Can you collect unemployment or worker's compensation in the state of Texas to go back to work ?
My brother was injured at work. The owner of the company said they don't have active workman's comp?0Godfred2012-10-31 20:15:04
safe and told me that she will not pay your medical bills , because you can afford ! He broke his face pretty badly and required a number of stitches . My brother did not even offer a trip to the hospital and made him call someone else to get there ! He has been trying to get in touch with them to see what they will do for him , but they will not return your calls . This company has always treated its employees like dirt such. Does anyone know what to do ? I feel so bad for him and want to know what to do . There must be something right ? ?

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