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GROUP LIFE INSURANCE and EMPLOYER missed payments?!!?0Kelvina2012-05-18 11:34:04
What if your job in a company that offers life insurance (2x salary) and the employer does not make a payment by insurance? Will my group life insurance over? Will I receive a note from the life insurance company that the employer has missed payments? At the site of my company is a daily coverage of the benefits I have now, including life insurance that makes clear that there is no cost to me the purchase of group life term . I can trust the company site or will change the status of life insurance after my death will not have to pay my beneficiaries? I can also tell if I have group life insurance through my employer to pay taxes every year?
Are group term life insurance proceeds taxable to the employer if the policy is on a CEO?0Jackie2012-08-03 23:46:50
Let's say Company A has a policy of a CEO . Pagan 40,000 in prizes and CEO collects 10,000 in prizes. After the death of the company 's CEO to collect 1,500,000 and the wife of the CEO receives 100,000 of life insurance benefits . What are the effects of taxes on company A and the wife of the CEO?
Toshiba laptop stolen.. im insured but have missed a few payments?1didgeridoo !! 2012-06-15 01:41:28
my toshiba laptop was stolen last night is assured but ive missed some payments , sometimes , but I am so far with only sometimes money is not in that day .. I will be abe to demand a new laptop ? or leave me?
Can my employer bump me down to part time and take away my insurance because of days missed?1buffalo2012-05-31 00:17:23
My boss gave me the paperwork today saying that because I had not been working at least 70 hours every two weeks, my status was changed to part time and my benefits will be removed with immediate effect .. Another person who works there and is shown as part-time because we can only have full-time employees for many of time in each office (or so says my boss). She has been talking for months if not made ​​full time with benefits that would have to find another job. I have had two back surgeries in the last four years and therefore have had to miss work , leading to my boss threatening to fire me . I even came back to work after only 3 weeks after having four disks fused , due to ruptures, because he threatened to give someone else my work. I know this has nothing to do with my time , because I've done this before and nothing has been said about me being demoted to part time. The new girl is older than me and therefore feel it would do a better job than me. Also, I have problems with my back, especially in the winter and must be out to get shot in the back so that I can even get out of bed . Is there anything I can do about it? PS My boss recently had back problems and learned that he had degenerative disc disease , like me 6 months ago. Since then he has been gone for at least 2-3 days a week because your back hurts, but he threatened me, basically , it must be on the back and have someone take my job. Any help would be appreciated including sites that may contain information like this . thanks
If you pay for your group life insurance through your employer on a pretax basis and name your husband as beneficiary are the proceeds taxable because you paid for the benefit with pretax dollars2Alfred2020-07-14 22:47:34
If you pay for your group life insurance through your employer on a pretax basis and name your spouse as beneficiary are taxable income, and you pay for the profit before tax in dollars
Can my employer apply missed health insurance credits past open enrollment?0Miranda2012-04-28 06:18:47
I work for a company using a "credit " system to our health insurance . We have more credits to use toward health insurance if we attest that we are free to snuff . I have become the signed form in my human resources department , however , that credit is not applied because the states of human resources was not submitted on the form. I have spent over a week to communicate with human resources, but still say they don'' t have the form, and the director told me to be fair to all employees not eligible for the credit beyond open enrollment. I did turn in form, so I'm frustrated because I have to spend $ 40 extra per month because HR says I smoke. But it's my word against theirs and I have no proof that I send the form to them. I refuse to pay more for smoking , though I have never picked up a cigarette in my life!
Will group life insurance coverage be dropped if the insured leaves the group?1Ravenous 2012-06-15 22:58:39
My father has within the group through the Pennsylvania Bar Association . If you decide to withdraw from the practice of law and subsequently no longer a member of the bar , your coverage will be reduced ?
If I change health insurance from my work's group plan, how does that affect my before-tax premium payments?0John Anderson2012-07-13 11:09:01
It is also common to have to wait until Open Enrollment to make the health insurance coverage ?
Can your employer drop your group insurance but still take it out of your checks0ωǒ old ぺ Bo 2012-03-26 22:50:16
Can the employer suspend its group insurance , but still out of your checks
I am paying for group health insurance, can my employer tell me I cannot use it?2infected mushroom 2012-05-04 05:28:18
My boss told me I have to stop using the group health insurance . Is this legal ? I'm still paying for it every month, out of my control, but has asked not to use any of my medical expenses. Thank you very much :)
What can be done about an employer who overdeducts group health insurance premiums?0Willy2012-05-07 19:03:56
The employer fail all configured and included the rate sheet to increase the premium of our past. Real rate of a 55 years old was 61.39 per month. Employer deducts 140.00 per month and tells us it is our " middle" of the premium. Work of the Board not to jump into the action , stating that " it is a benefit and not our jurisdiction." California Department of Insurance says it can not do anything with it because, although the unlicensed insurance brokerage , can not find a way to pursue it (honest to God the mini - bureaucrat told me this ).
My employer didn't pay the group health insurance premium and it has?1EXCLAM 2012-06-13 09:38:30
been canceled and the closure of the company. ¿ I can qualify for COBRA?

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