If you are a relief worker and had a car smash in one of the work cars? related questions

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If you are a relief worker and had a car smash in one of the work cars?1vole2012-01-28 18:29:52
and was absent due to injuries if they still get paid
Which one cost more to peoples : A worker healthy with a care insurance or a worker who work with a disease ?0Nikki Cobb2012-10-11 10:53:35
Which one cost more to the people : A worker with a health care insurance or a worker working with a disease ?
Another co-worker hit me at work ?0Happy2012-11-05 11:47:29
I got hit by another employe at job on my hand and i went to the emergency room to get it checked a month ago and the manager did nothing about it he just talked to the other employe and now i went to see a doctor since my hand is not getting better and they want me to see a hand Specialist and i dont have money to pay for that ... Does my employer have to pay for the doctor eveb tho my injury was not work related but it happened at work ... The reason the employe hit mewas because we where talking about this one former employe and he was making fun of her weight and i just told him "like if your girlfriend is really skinny " and thats when he struck me with a broom ... Also i work at burgerking the store manager did not report it so it went on like nothing happened and now i might need my hand checked or even surgery i have no insurance what can i do ...
Can you still go work while on worker compensation0Bryna2012-03-12 19:08:12
Can you still go to work, while workers' compensation
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If you're hurt at work and you get a doctor's excuse for the next day off, will worker's comp. pay for it or?3giant salamander2012-07-31 03:39:02
Do you go out of your pocket?
Accident at work, worker's comp claim. OSHA involvement?0Harle2012-05-26 06:33:41
There is a situation in my work, where large animals equipment + insurance = injured employees. Suffice it to say that design skills a little more, the team could be modified to eliminate or at least reduce these injuries . I suggested this to my employer when I returned to work after a month off . My injury was in December. To date, not been addressed . Tell me : When OSHA involved with injuries that occur at work? Is it simply because a claim notified of a draft has been initiated? Is the injured worker has to give a heads up to get OSHA involved? I refuse to blow the whistle to myself, but unfortunately the employer does not deal with this, and I fear that someone will be seriously injured or killed one day.
I feel down a flight of stairs at work. Is this considered worker's comp?4Aldrich2012-09-20 21:56:02
I was not seriously injured . I have scrapes and bruises and had x-rays, but nothing was broken. In this case a worker comp ?
Can work stress lead to a miscarriage? My co-worker is driving me crazy.?1Lalee2012-08-26 10:15:18
I don
What are a company's obligations when a worker has a work restriction due to back problems?2 She can swim.2012-07-27 23:40:01
What are the obligations of a company when a worker has a work restriction due to back problems?
I was hurt in a car accident driving home from work, i was a self employed worker?0Pedro2012-09-15 07:27:03
I was hurt in a car accident driving home from work , but was covered by my auto insurance for treatment of injuries . I was working for a company in 1099 when workers ( self ) I've been the last two years just get by , living paycheck to paycheck. My injury (2 herniated discs and nerve damage ) has kept me out of work for a month . Since then I have been completely ruined ! I can not get out of bed because of pain and analgesics let me walk in the clouds . I tried to get emergency food stamps but was denied because I've had for a month , for 10 years . unit can not because I can not afford the gas , and I have no one to take me to pick up a food pantry . When I applied for welfare 3 weeks ago , I said it would be about three months before you can get help from them . We came together to perform in social services , which is almost impossible because of my condition , and no way of getting there . I have nothing to eat now , what do I do ?
Is there any way for me to get treatment for a work injury when worker comp insurance is refusing in Oklahoma?0CP2012-07-11 13:33:02
My boss told CompSource I didn't get hurt at work. She is rallying "witnesses" to say that I did not. These people will lie to keep their job. Meanwhle I am in so much pain and about to loose my home. The doctor I was sent to by her had ordered tests and therapy but the insurance carrier will not authorize anything. I have an attorney. I have no health insurance. As an RN, I think this is flagrant neglect, but I think it may be legal. The attorney says it could take weeks, even months before I will be able to be treated. In the meanwhile, I worry about the potential for more damage since there are only theories about my injuries due to the inability to do further testing. Is this what really happens to an honest, hardworking individual who gets hurt on the job? Is there any recourse I can take? If this is allowed to happen, it is very scarry!

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