Think I found the truck responsible for damaging my car in parking lot. How do I proceed? related questions

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Think I found the truck responsible for damaging my car in parking lot. How do I proceed?0twisted angel 2012-05-14 15:34:44
My car was damaged in the parking lot of my apartment complex early in the morning one night last week. I saw the truck that he did it again last night . I do not want to involve the police and make the person in trouble, but I definitely want compensation for repairs. Ideas on how to handle this situation? I do not think the truck belongs to a resident here, but I can confirm that with the building manager ...
My girlfriend wrecked my car, striking a small pole damaging the rear quarter, best way to proceed? insurance?10Kelvina2012-06-22 10:01:21
she is safe, separate from mine , I want to report that she also your insurance company . she did an accident report as the concrete pole was not damaged. but I'm wondering if this is necessary? Also do not want to inform my insurance company but yours. its been 36hrs , any advice on how to proceed? I live in Ohio. I have a friend who has the upper body joint in town, you will do the calculation , work, etc. Any advice on this whole scenario? police report ?
Valet parking accident - how to proceed?0lostinmathclass2012-09-30 06:12:10
I used long term parking near the LAX airport . ( Annoyingly , all these services are provided valet . ) I turned , and immediately noticed the corner of the rear bumper broke seriously. MedlinePlus I filed a claim form in the act , the employee signed it, and took pictures . The good news is that they avoid or deny anything - but I think you 'll see the check cleared ... The company that handles their claims , said that since they are self-insured , you should see the money in a month if I have luck . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It seems that the cost is a few hundred $ above my insurance deductible of $ 500. If I help my insurance company ? Makes sense, but I fear that they have no interest in pursuing the full amount, and you'll end up with little compensation , instead of the entire amount if I left after the parking lot myself. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think my confusion is how I can work "with " my insurance company to maximize the chances of getting a full refund ? This is also the first time I file a car insurance claim .
Is it true car rental agencies are responsible for all forms of damage even if it's your fault in damaging?3edi2012-10-07 20:18:03
There is a guy on yahoo that said ... does not do well because the car rental agencies would be out of business if that were the case
Parking lot accident with a Parking Enforcement Officer truck! Please help!!!?1Norville2012-02-04 12:27:12
I was involved in a very minor parking accident with a truck enforcement officer parking. I think both a backup at the same time and hit each other rear bumpers. My rear bumper has a little starch and parking officer has a small dent in the bottom of the bumper which is set by pressing with his own hand. We had made ​​a complaint to the police because he was a city car . My question is how is the insurance company will deal with this?
If you borrowed a car with permission damaging the bumper on an object and the owner had it repaired on her own without notifying her insurance are you responsible if she now asks for reimbursement1Ravenous 2012-05-03 21:55:31
If you borrowed a car with the permission of damage to the bumper of an object and the owner had repaired on their own without notifying your insurance if you are responsible now asking for reimbursement
Found a note on my windshield in a parking lot...?11Yolanda2012-09-26 18:03:03
I parked up on your space and was kissing your bumper . I call to resolve the problem but have photographic evidence . Is there an issue ? I did not hit them parked in my space just a little ( centimeters). Should I file a claim and let my insurance deal with it ?
Truck was stolen 2 wks ago and found yesterday,do I still haf to pay deductable?6Thera2012-10-21 22:46:02
I say this because I am a single mom and I just relocated.So my funds are in the IE have not found a job yet.They found yesterday.They took some cd and hit my door to blow up the engine and some other things . what happened when they tow and fix and I have my 250.00 ? Will you work with me on this?
I hit a car in the parking lot but i do not know if i am responsible?2 â–„ $ uo bone charm and India -2012-10-13 14:56:02
while the parking lot of a supermarket, a car hit me in the parking lot . The car park was beaten was on the edge of space. Also the parking spaces are very small. (This was an Asian supermarket ) So the question is wither or not I am responsible . What if the owner of the parking SUV 1.2 inches closer to space? What if your car suffered minor damage, while my side defense was destroyed? Also after seeing the car that you can see a lot of reckless driving before, because of dents and scratches others? I gave the owner of the car hit me all my information and insurance. Am I responsible for damages ?
I found a door ding on my fender in a retailers parking lot what can I do?8beaver2012-07-10 15:34:05
I found a door ding in my defense in the parking lot of the retailers , what I can do?
LEGAL HELP PLEASE!!! It all started when we found an abandoned truck and boat...?0Kylie Castaneda2012-07-05 17:11:02
Last week my stepfatehr and I were fishing in a stream and saw that there was a fairly new commercial truck and trailer boat stuck and abandoned in the creek. We looked and called the sheriff , until the time of any of these stories : the truck was stolen and left there or the owner accidentally fell and tried to get his insurance covers the report as stolen. Either way , we want the boat and trailer and possibly a finders fee for the owner to discover it. What should I do ? The sheriff called a crane to get the truck and boat and
If my car was stolen then found a month later am I responsible for towing fees?2heifer2012-04-10 21:26:21
I gave them permission to tow it as long as he could not reach me , but I contacted after you drag .

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