Is this a Workers Comp Denial?

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In March 2007 my husband fell and suffered injuries to the meniscus. During a visit to the doctor referred also have some numbness and tingling in hands and some neck pain. The doctor said that was unrelated to his injury and other research was done.

Several months later, the increased pain and talked to a lawyer workers compensation to see what he could do and if your case was handled properly. The lawyer sent him to a neurologist and found that yes, it was very likely that if this record is likely to cut into his spine was maintained in the fall. Surgery followed and began the healing process .

In March this year had a hearing where the judge granted pay the surgery and asked to consult with a doctor's choice of insurance company. Which he did. This doctor said that in no way shape of form may have to happen in the fall. It was a hearing today and was told the insurance company is waiting for your expert opinion and
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A lot of good answers here , however , a whole second opinion must be with their own money and can be very , very expensive. $ 2-3000 . As others have said, in the beginning of injury , do not say anything about a back injury , have the burden of proof that back problems are part of the initial injury. You do not say what kind of work does your husband and your age. If you are a construction worker , say late 30 's which you may have herniated discs in his back. Another problem is that almost all adults over 25 had herniated discs in his back , and some neurologist perform surgery on anyone coming to see them with herniated discs. . It would also be suspicious if he supposedly had a " hard dive " in your spine, but do not worry about it for months . If your husband hurt his back pretty badly this fall , and a herniated disc or a vertebra is broken , would have had enough pain and misery pretty quickly too. You may only have degenerative disc disease as well. But even if the judge finds in favor of your spouse, you may appeal to the court of appeals, but as another person mentioned , it is a long process and it should apply for disability or any request by conversion of your state to learn a different job. Your husband really should try to return to work, even if you win your case, not going to get enough money to live in any period of time.
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