In Michigan how old do you have to be to get food stamps? related questions

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In Michigan how old do you have to be to get food stamps?2 'Suanming guy 冭. Female -2012-06-04 22:07:47
Can a 15 or 16 with a baby apply for food stamps ?
Food stamps in florida?0Sherrelle2012-08-01 03:15:02
Hello, I am a single female. I receive $219/wk from unemployment. I heard I can receive food stamps with this lowly income. I applied and was only awarded $35/mo in food stamps. My rent is $600/mo, I have a car payment, insurance, utilities, feminine supplies, hygiene supplies, etc. I called the DCF and they said I was only eligible for $35/mo with my $219/wk unemployment benefits. My question is what kind of income is required to receive more food stamps. $35 is some kind of joke, that is $1/day! I can't find any information as to what the correlation is for income to food stamps. I can only find whether I am "eligible" or "not eligible" Thanks,
How do food stamps work?0go to/失败2012-08-04 00:21:50
I am 19 years old and live in a mobile home park in Ohio. I work full time and live alone. I pay for all utilities, insurance and also college loan payments. Do you think I would qualify for food assistance. I am not the kind of person to accept a free hand and would only be asking because i am in need.
Will they really deny me of food stamps?2Chelcie2012-08-28 09:15:03
I got a letter in the mail saying they denied me because i didn't turn in all the information, well i got the date mixed up.. I was supposed to june 2nd, but i did june 6th. The letter said if the info was brought in by the 2nd they would review my application. If i turned it in on the 6th will they make me start over? I'm not even sure if I am eligible. My boyfriend and i both work part time but he makes like 500-600 each check.. 575 goes to rent and we also pay pg&e. I get about 130 a week and 263 goes to my car insurance & payment, then the rest on food & gas. Would we be eligible? And will they really deny my app?
If you can get food stamps, should you qualify for Medicaid also?2I R Good 2012-08-25 20:56:19
I know someone who makes only $ 20 in tips per day. She is liberated 34 years of age. She gets food stamps, but said it was rejected by Medicaid. I was a little surprised when I heard this. I thought it was easier to get Medicaid instead of food stamps ? She needs to get her ovaries
Do I qualify for Medicaid and Food Stamps?2Nieci2012-10-19 07:39:00
I am a single parent 19 years of age. I have joint custody of my son , but he is covered by insurance from their mother. I live at home with my parents and have no health insurance . I only work during the summer and then go to school for the rest of the year . They said I could get Family Health Plus for my son , but I was told I could be eligible for Medicaid and food stamps . Is this true ? Do these benefits interfere with my school financial aid ?
Moving Out On Our Own, HELP Getting Food Stamps In Florida?0BOB PLEASE HELP2012-08-05 16:49:48
Hello , Me, my girlfriend and my 2 year old daughter has just signed a lease for a mobile home. We are currently bringing in $ 900 after tax a month. Our house is $ 375, Electricity, Telephone , insurance, gasoline , diapers and so on. We will, do what I have to do and yet we do not have the extra money for food. We are moving on 01 December. I'm wanting to try to go ahead and get food stamps to go, but how we do this ? We have the lease , the lights will be on 11/26 . Can we apply now and get this going ? I have proof of all monthly bills, with the exception of lights, because we can not guestimate out bill. I do not want to be in the house a couple of weeks without food , this will be very hard . We currently have Medicaid for what we do?
Does getting food stamps effect my insurance?1Fiona2012-07-23 22:45:03
I am currently pregnant and due in 4 months. I'm looking to leave. But monthly payments that will take care of all of my income. However, the issure I face is I'm still covered by my insurance parents. But I wonder if I get food stamps in my name, it's going to affect the health and dental insurance that I have under my parents name ?
Cons for getting food stamps (SNAP)?0Dayo2012-07-22 01:47:02
So I've moved from a state without state tax to one that does and the income taxes are killing me. After rent, bills, insurance, ect.. I don't have much if anything left and I've had to dip into savings. So I filled out the edibility for (SNAP) and it seems I qualify, for how much I do not know. But currently the government is gouging me every paycheck because I fall into the worst category (an unmarried male with no dependents.) Anyway since I do qualify, I would like to know from anyone who has or is receiving benefits if they are any negatives? Like will this come to bite me in the *** later on in life? For instance once I retire or anything like that? I know unemployment benefits can come back to haunt you. Just want some clarification, honestly. Thanks.
If you have a medicaid case and food stamps,?0bubs 2012-06-06 00:56:07
, And have to move to another state, because I have family there willing to help because they are 6 months pregnant and have no place to live is needed to start a new case or can be transferred?
Do I qualify for food stamps if I make $15,320 a year?1Brogan2012-11-05 06:51:04
I am single and I make $8.00 per hour, $15,320 per year (but after taxes I actually only bring home about $12,000 per year). After I pay bills, house insurance, property tax, health insurance, gas, car insurance, electric bill, gas bill, phone bill, water bill, I don't have much left for food. am I eligible for food stamps?
Why do people hate on me because I get welfare and food stamps?0Henry N2012-10-15 09:49:40
I have 2 children one is disadvantaged and live with my parents and my two sisters . I have no job and not attending school . My mom treats me like a princess and I purchase everything I bought an SUV want.She 2010, I had to put it in his name because I have no license ( I keep getting tickets ) . I give my mother the money from the till assistant gives me every month . But I got into a car accident and the insurance money I'm buying a charger 300. I party a lot too, so what's the big problem I have cash and assistant food stamps?

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