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How Does stock/shares work for a company?0thrush2012-05-10 16:42:57
For example, if the owner of the company A123 is made public with your company how much money he makes his share price . For example , if your stock is selling for $ 25, is what you make any profit from their actions? Or is that the money used for the growth of your company? 1 . The reason why I'm confused, is that if someone buys your shares at $ 25 and then sells the shares , what profit does the owner do? 2 . How can it be able to use that money to expand their business if the shares are bought and sold . 3 . I really wish someone break it down for me so if anyone of you have free time to contact me either by email or Skype would greatly appreciate it .
Why would my life insurance company (Prudential) ask me to sell my shares of stock.?0 terror ♂ salmon → Celadon -2012-05-07 00:12:14
Is there a catch does anyone know what the top and bottom sides are to this. Its through a team share a external company thanks
Did the british companies act of 1856 limit the liability of owners of the joint stock company shares1Veronica2011-12-11 14:59:52
Are stock shares connected to my life insurance policy0ur dick only measure 5 inch. his measure 2012-01-01 13:54:36
Common parts are connected to my life insurance
I work for Home Depot part time (10-12 hours a week). Should I enroll in the employee stock?0Wavikz2012-10-17 03:44:48
I work 10-12 hours in Home Depot to supplement my income . I need the money to pay my bills and a possible car in the few years next month . How much should I give? My check is usually about $ 200 after taxes and insurance (dental ) . Would be 1 % or 2 % to be efficient ?
Who is a stock life insurance company is owned by0Isaac2012-03-14 14:28:20
Who is a shelf life insurance company is owned by
How do you contact what used to be Unionmutual Stock Life Insurance Company of New York2Drane as "2nI 2021-03-17 00:36:03
How do I contact it used to be file Unionmutual Life Insurance Company of New York
Do i need to tell my insurance company if i change the stock steering wheel with no airbag to a custom one?0Marcelle2012-08-31 20:58:04
I have a 1997 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting , which has the action sports leather steering wheel steering , no air pockets present in the whole car haha , and with it being 15 years , the skin begins to die and is constantly rubbing on my hands which is annoying , so I bought a wheel simoni x2 direction as it is small and inexpensive to replace , but it will affect my insurance , thank you very much :)
Does Nationwide Insurance Company hold stock in Like Kind and Quality Corporation0 ωǒ old ぺ Public -2012-03-15 13:55:49
Does the insurance company nationwide have shares in the same class and the Quality Corporation
Bradford & bingley shares, where are they????1Josephine2012-08-22 03:08:03
Shares in Bradford & Bingley, where are they? ? ?
If you are working full time, I assume that one cannot trade shares?0cindey2012-08-06 02:10:47
I am working on weekdays full time. The stock market is open on the weekdays and closes at 4:30PM. How do people find time to buy and sell shares? I only have the weekends off and get back home about 8PM. Housewives, day time traders, etc. have the time but ordinary working people?
I have a with profits policy,plus some shares in standard life.How do I get my money?0Gilber2012-05-22 09:15:17
The policy was taken in 2002 for 5 years.

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