I worked for a company for over 5 years and was a member of teamsters local 111. I am now 62 and on disability related questions

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I worked for a company for over 5 years and was a member of teamsters local 111. I am now 62 and on disability1 Kefir -2012-05-23 08:09:25
Does anyone know if I qualify for pension funds . thank you very much
I have'nt worked for several yrs due to illness, I'm 50 yrs old, I've worked 25yrs, can I get disability?Calif?0Danny2012-05-25 01:12:20
I have'nt worked for several years due to illness, I have 50 years of age , I worked 25yrs , ¿ I can get disability? California?
If I started drawing a small penion from a company I worked at years ago?0hates math2012-07-09 17:45:03
would that interfere with me drawing ss disability insurance. I am still working but getting to where i cannot.I am 55
A co-worked asked me if his unemployed family member has to carry health insurance under the new Obama- Care?0toad2012-10-14 16:02:46
A coworker asked me if his unemployed family member has to have health insurance under the new administration of Obama -Care ?
Can a member of the public salvage an abandoned vehicle after the local authority's 7 days notice has expired2Harrie2012-05-01 05:04:51
Can a member of the public an abandoned vehicle recovery after 7 notice to the local authority has expired on
I worked after my temporary disability was established... Am I still eligible for benefits? Help!?0Harriet2012-05-08 10:47:12
I live in California . ( A state that provides benefits for pregnancy leave ) On 23 June ( while unemployed ) to my doctor signed a form certifying my inability to do my usual work because of severe sciatica associated with pregnancy. I was hired and started a new job ( part time, and without any excessive standing or walking ) four days later, on June 27 . I've taken my maternity leave and mailed my forms of temporary disability , my last day of work is July 28 . My question is, I was denied benefits, because I worked part time after my disability began ? Will I receive arrears dating back to when my disability began ? I really need these benefits, but I really like getting into trouble with the EDD for this reason.
Worked at a factory for 21 years................?0Lauryn2012-10-19 00:45:04
there's a chance I will lose my job due to people saying things that aren't true, honestly. I've been here for 21 years. The HRperson amd supervisor of the factory are blaming me for drama when in the years I've been here I've never had a write up our anything bad. They' re threating my job now. I'm at the point of laying everything on the table bc the supervisor is cussing at me and saying I'm not worth anything. But I'm worried about my health insurance bc I'm on a lot of medicine. If I was fired what can I do until I get another job about having insurance.
Why is it that an immagraint can be here only 7 years and draw ssi and I am 55 and have worked since I was 12?0Muilik(Mu-lique)2012-10-10 05:11:08
and I can not get my SSDI ? I became 100% disabled due to an operation on 11/25/05 , and because he has enough credits in the last 10 years , ( my husband is also 100 % disabled) because I was my husband's doctor and did not work for me much of that 10 years I think I'm 12 credits short ? So where I can go for help ? I need a medical insurance policy in about a year , my corba is running ? and where I can go only for general help ? My disability status run out 8/06 , now there are a lot more problems ? Help?
I haven't worked in ten years I need to get a job soon, I don't even know how to make a resume or what to put?0Mounika Kunnuri2012-08-02 13:33:02
I'm 34years old haven't worked in 10years. I need to find a job asap. I have no resume, never made one in my life. So, I don't even know how to start. I worked for auto insurance companies. I have an insurance license. I just don't know where to begin. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Husband hasn't worked in more than 5 years. (Venting, mostly, but some input would be most welcome)?0Waalyn Waal2012-09-15 03:53:04
We have been together since 2000, married in October '05, and had lost his job last spring. I have thought then that his being unemployed was temporary. I was wrong. We made plans to move to another State in the spring of '06, where there was work in the field, although he did not want to go. He ended up getting a job with his sister's boyfriend, off the books for a few months, so our decision was canceled. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now is the winter of '06 rolls around and he's out of work again, and I am the primary wage earner. '07 Spring comes, and he does nothing. Summer, Autumn and Winter of '07 come and go, and nothing yet. I manage to convince him to go to college in the spring of '08, and takes one or two remedial courses, part time. Once in the summer of '08, and full time in the fall. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Now is the winter of '08, my dad died. My husband totaled my truck, and put himself in the hospital, not life threatening. He has to withdraw from classes for the spring of '09, and take your makeup late fall, when he recovered from his wounds after the spring. I had to take large chunks of time off to care for him. My dog ​​dies. I usually have pretty well under stress, so for the most part, I'm enduring. He goes to school in the summer, part-time and full-time in the fall of '09. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Up Next: I lose my job that winter around the time it took to care for my husband, and some bad papers. About now, I'm starting to crack, and tell my husband that now is * YOUR * Back to work. This does not happen. I get unemployment for the next 12 months, while searching for something that even remotely pay what I was paying before anything at all =. Continued on school for spring '10, full-time, summer, part-time, and fall, full time. I sold my bike to pay the property taxes that year. I had to take my retirement money to get us through the rest of the summer and fall, as the federal student aid does not cover a student going to school part time, and we were not sure when the money would come. Luckily, winter came near. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus He took his last two classes this spring (part-time) to finish for its Associates, and still needs some work, but I managed to get my job, last February, after being gone for 14 months (without back pay). This does not mean that he is not doing things in the house, or is useless in any other aspect. He is perfectly capable of working, but not with a real business that will be part of the financial burden off me. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Needless to say, my bitterness, anger and resentment has finally come now that summer is here, and is angry around long enough that the jobs that were available quickly go to high school and college students who apply in places that are really RECRUITMENT. I blew my stack with him two days ago after receiving a call asking me to pick something for him at the bike shop, when it was assumed that he had been in the city itself in search of work. I came home with arms full of groceries, and found him watching a movie. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Property taxes have gone, and I'm not selling anything more than cover this year. Bike Insurance has come, and I'm not paying for that. Enrolled in the fall to begin work on his degree, but I really do not think that is out of place in the requirement to work until then. The work brings money is. Simply I can not take it anymore. I'm about to give the ultimatum, probably today, if he does not come with a job before the end of this month, I will ask for a transfer at work and leave. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Am I being unreasonable?
How much has disability insurance rates increased in the last 5 years? 10 years?0disk_ck2012-05-06 22:11:04
I am a 30 year old woman trying to decide if I can pay disability insurance with the inevitable.
When a person has worked for 31 years at the same place,but needs to retire due to health issues?0Palace2012-10-12 05:15:02
such as high blood pressure stress depression hearing loss and many other issues all from the job,can that person be eligible for disability and retirement benefits?There is only partial retirement pay due to leaving the job 4 years to soon, even with health issues the company wont grant full retirement pay,or full health insurance.That comes with full retirement benefits. This person must leave the job. He's losing his hair in clumps angry stressed way overworked 70-80 hours a week,high blood pressure started shortly after a promotion. I'm not so sure he wont go postal on himself or someone else if this keeps up. He started drinking really heavy just to relax and try to calm down enough to get 4-5 hours sleep. Not eating ,in an all round bad way. And w/o health ins it's gonna be tight. I doubt the house payment can be afforded even with my 2 jobs.Can he get disability for work related stress high blood pressure and hearing loss from being around loud noises for 30 years.Mental issues and getting help with them.Please if you write a response don't leave one that's mean or isn't about my question. There is to much ugliness in the world already don't add to it. And I will flag if the comment is in very poor taste. No one needs abuse.from a smart butt

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