Anyway to NOT pay for an Ambulance?

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Asked at 2012-05-09 13:03:50
My grandmother was taken to a state hospital this morning because she grew very ill. I wondered if there was a way I could move in not having to pay the ambulance bill and maybe even hospital bills because it is a state hospital.

The reason I do not want it .... Last month , my father was electrocuted and thrown off a ladder at work, he was in hospital for 30 hours and unfortunately died. He was in the best hospital in California, and medical expenses are about $ 300,000 ( without insurance ). My mom is intended to cover all these bills in addition to their house payments , and their own payments , and now my ailing grandmother (and only earns $ 30,000 a year )

We can not possibly afford this, is there anyway around it? (I know that when we send a death certificate to the ambulance that took my dad to the hospital , covering the bill .... but my grandmother is still alive )
Answer1사람이나 사물Answered at 2012-05-28 02:26:18
only way I know how not to pay for a mount is not one, but as it is not an option that you think you may be stuck with a big bill .
Answer2Paige RobinsonAnswered at 2012-07-09 22:31:03
Grandma probably qualify for Medicare or health insurance . Your accounts must be filed on that
Regarding the situation of his father, his state is responsible for the bills . If he and his mother divorced , she is not responsible for the accounts. If he was injured while working ... then workers' compensation should be applied. Again, if you have health insurance to their accounts must be filed with that.

At the end .... no free healthcare in the U.S. and the issue is much more complicated than you think .
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