How old do you have to be to fill up at the petrol station? related questions

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How old do you have to be to fill up at the petrol station?1 〾 尛 neodymium Sheng? -2012-05-18 05:34:36
How old do you have to refuel at the gas station ?
First time driver;how do i fill up a car with petrol?1Hilary2012-04-27 20:35:23
So time passed my driving test first. Then move on , not my instructor taught me to do this because I believe that is not included in its management program . So how I can fill my car without spilling gasoline? When I can tell if my car is full? and finally , how I can pay?
When learning to drive, does the instructor teach you how to fill in petrol?15Curiti2012-05-05 00:25:57
Or is it something you will learn from their friends and families
How to make auto fill work to fill info?0blazer 2012-02-15 09:54:26
How do they work to fill autofill information?
I have comprehensive insurance card in April 2010 and May units of evasion, and units that do not fill with cash on the line for me, may I ask how should fill it with cash1Vincent2012-04-17 04:46:51
I have no card full insurance in April 2010 and May evasion units , and units that do not collect cash on the line for me, I can ask how to fill with cash
Do I need to fill out the DL 44 before I go to the DMV to get my permit? Or do I fill it out while I'm there?0Curiti2012-01-27 09:43:38
Please help ... The site just confuses me. = / I live in Ca if that will help everyone.
How much money does ur car cost currently per hour for petrol as a guess?0Arnol2012-02-09 13:49:09
How much money is currently ur car per hour for gasoline as a guess ?
If you have a courtesy car do the company that have provided you with that car give you petrol normally!?3Prima2012-10-12 03:15:03
If you have a courtesy car not the company that you have provided with this car give you regular gasoline ?
What do they call a person who drives off without paying for petrol?17Kennet2012-06-07 12:35:02
What they call a person who leaves without paying for gas ?
Car Insurance on a Citroen Saxo 1.1 X Petrol. P Reg with 92k on clock.?0Maxiline2012-10-26 00:45:03
Hi I bought this car were a family member back in April this year. It is in excellent condition and I can not wait to start driving on the matter. Now I've been having some problems with the insurance of the vehicle, the total premium notibly through monthly payments . Now I am currently a supervisor at a local hotel bar , have held my license for a little over a year, but have not led in that time period . I have had no convictions etc and my record is completely clean . However , I have 21, 22 in a matter of weeks , however , I also have no NCB . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The cheapest quotes that have been getting are around 3k + but I thought it hit a winner today with a company that offered me a deal of
If you buy petrol from a tesco garage do u get clubcard points?7Elro2012-09-15 11:58:03
If you buy gasoline in a garage do u get Tesco Clubcard points ?
Should road tax and 3rd party insurance be included in petrol?8Karen2012-08-07 04:50:46
the more you take the more you pay . the car would have to show a certificate of ITV for the purchase of gasoline. everyone would be insured ... a lot of Welsh people lose their jobs ( bonus) driver could pay more for a full draft . easy!

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