Can a step-parent claim step-child on taxes + provide insurance without adopting?

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Asked at 2012-05-06 23:19:48
I'm getting married soon to a great man who will become the stepfather of my young son. Currently I am the person providing my child with insurance and claims it in my tax return, etc. The biological father is in the picture and we will not remove any of their rights to their son (who is a good parent for what we fail to consider that option). However, we are of the main house and because of this we pay for most of my daughter support the costs ( child support works well for us since we can let the courts out of it and is very civil ) and want to continue doing so.

So my question is , once you are married and the stepfather may claim our daughter on his taxes and provide insurance for her if not legally adopt it (in case I lose my job, or if your insurance is better) ? Not to be audited years down the road and have to pay something for which we did not expect or something. Thanks for any guidance!
Answer1nightingaleAnswered at 2012-05-07 14:48:28
Security - no. A person can only be covered by insurance that person , someone married to that person, or a parent of that person.

If you and your husband together and would have been able to claim the children if they filed separately , then yes. When you and you file a joint return , you and he jointly claim that could have claimed if you filed one .
If the biological father can claim the child , then no.
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