How long after workers comp claims is accepted will I get a check for back-pay? related questions

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How long after workers comp claims is accepted will I get a check for back-pay?0 Jakarta2012-05-05 18:36:56
How long after workers comp claims accepted I receive a check for late payments?
Property Claims vs. Workers' Comp Claims....which is the better field of insurance and why?0Paige2012-08-04 15:35:49
Insurance workers comp claims ?0Murph2012-05-21 01:43:02
How do insurance comp .. the decision of when to accept a claim? What can you do if you were not there when it came injured.base DECISONS.AND WHAT DO YOUR LAWYER FIGHTS HOW ?
Two different workers comp claims want to a settle for one and keep the other open since its a new claim?1*~jasper~* 2012-10-30 18:45:04
I really want to know if I can do this and maintain benefits and work if you choose two.
For how long can someone get workers comp?1Horac2021-06-04 01:26:59
How long can someone get workers compensation ?
If i win a third party law suit will workers comp make me pay them back?0Debby2012-05-14 18:34:06
in an accident at work, workers' compensation pay my salary. I'm suing the third person who hit me and tell me when you win whatever the workers comp will come and take my money to pay hospital bills
Can a company hold workers comp out of check when you provide them a certificate of insurance?1Irma2012-05-24 15:49:24
My husband is a subcontractor to carry workers comp and general liability and had to submit an insurance certificate for the company that is working for, but keeping the workers' compensation and general liability of his visit a week can do this, that when they have provided proof of insurance.
I Injured my Back at work can I get workers comp? And will the company Fire Me for doing this?1. Bye.-2012-05-12 16:42:19
I injured my back at work I can get workers comp ? I moved a 2400 pounds in a skid takes her hand in the stock room because of our unique engine still is not fixed . I am in sales, but came early to help get an order in a truck. I continued with my day's work in the field (selling ) one day after my back started getting stiff. Did I mention that our personnel department of the president is now calling wondering if I'm okay . What rights do I have . I did not want to make a big deal of it because of all the firing. I need my job. I 60K per year. What should I do ?
Looking at 2nd job that asks me to exempt them from workers comp claims. Will primary hlth insur cover me?3moose 2012-08-27 10:48:03
If I 'm hurt , while moonlighting , my primary health insurance cover my injuries?
How long do it takes to get a settlement from workers comp?1"Oun Som Ped", Thai for fat orange chick 2012-08-03 06:25:03
last year was injured in the workplace continues to work with this company , how long does it take them normaily agreement , which became a lawyer in this case , how long will it take after I'm releasesd doctor.
Workers Comp investigators how long do they follow you?2Raymond2012-09-23 03:15:02
I am not a false case . this has been a year and I'm tired of it.
How long on workers comp can you keep you health insurance from your work?1Stormie2021-06-08 01:20:28
i mean like for things not related to my work injury? how long do they have to keep my job for me?

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