Does anyone know if Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance covers a counselor / psychiatrist? related questions

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Does anyone know if Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance covers a counselor / psychiatrist?2Quentin2012-06-10 07:29:01
Now some people are aware of my depression, I have been asked to find a counselor / psychiatrist to talk to. My insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield and I have not been able to find my papers though, for him, so I'm not sure if my insurance covers any of those options. I would be just a little annoying if not covered at all, so I'm hoping maybe someone here has the same insurance and knows. Or know of a quick way to find the answer ( just got insurance for 2 weeks , so I'm still new to use it and what it covers ). I do not know if it matters or not, but I live in Wisconsin. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I have Anthem Blue Cross Insurance, would it be the same thing as Blue Cross/Blue Shield?0 ↘ Preschool -2012-06-18 19:50:38
I 'm trying to make an appointment with the doctor and want to make sure my insurance would be covered , consult the website of the doctor and said it took Blue Cross / Blue Shield and was wondering if Anthem Blue Cross is the same thing?
Will blue cross blue shield Tennessee insurance help cover colored contacts?1Cara2012-11-03 09:57:03
by prescription, of course.
How much is it for Blue Cross Blue shield health insurance (family plan) per month if you buy it on your own??0Lucy2012-05-31 09:13:16
I work for myself , but the cost of keeping my own medical insurance for myself, wife and son is a big factor in my decision.
Can Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina cancel insurance retroactively?1Verna2012-06-05 17:39:17
Can Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina insurance retroactively canceled ?
Wheeled Walkers Covered By Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance? Anyone know Where I Can Get One?0Sherkyra86452012-07-25 16:56:02
My grandmother has one, but I'm not sure how to find one that accepts the health insurance ( Blue Cross, Blue Shield) .
Does Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance cover birth control in Missouri?0Lyn2012-04-27 09:27:12
Does Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance coverage of birth control in Missouri?
How much does 2 years worth of braces cost with blue cross & blue shield insurance?0Frances2012-06-18 07:04:33
How much is 2 years of braces cost with Blue Cross & Blue Shield insurance ?
What type of insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) should I enroll in for myself and wife?1[email protected] G |/|()||3y 2012-09-04 11:06:02
I recently got married and I'm adding my wife to my insurance coverage (medical ). We'll have a girl in June and my wife has Diabeties . Does anyone know / recommend what type of insurance you should apply for ? I am completely lost when it comes to these things. I know very little about deductables . The plan shows a 1k deductible . What does this mean ? anything until 1k to pay out of pocket and then the insurance takes over ? Also, what about the appointments of documentation? How I can know how much money I have to pay out of pocket at the time of his appointment ? Thanks for all your help!
Are there any dermatologists in Washington DC that take Blue Cross Blue Shield Health insurance?0Erikson2012-07-19 06:10:07
I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance. Will my flu shot be covered?0anonomas2012-08-16 07:45:03
I'd like to get my flu shot at Walgreens or CVS. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Insurance. Does anyone know if they cover it or partially cover it?
Can I get on my disabled father's health insurance for Blue Cross Blue Shield?0Xaxa2012-10-03 03:20:39
I realize that this is really a question for Cruz Azul , but I just thought about it and now I can not call , so I wonder if that's possible . I have 19 years , so I think my age is good for him . Please, if you have quality information , let me know ! Please and thank you :)

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