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Can you rephrase this in English please....?4Wrong when the tender love2012-09-21 17:08:03
I asked him about the insurance that covers an IUD costs about $ 400 with a network provider .... this is the response I got : Its gonna depend on a network provider , then you would have to meet the deductible and pay 10% of the allowable amount. The balance would be canceled with a network provider . If you went to a provider outside the network you would be responsible for your deductible , 30% of the allowable amount was and any amount the provider of choice to charge more than the allowable amount.
Please rephrase the following question....?1usha2016-11-03 21:38:10
Hi, english is the second language for me, I will appreciate if someone will rephrase the following question for me " Do You Have Adequate Insurance? "
Let me rephrase my question. What is the Republicans Health Reform Plan?0Curious Student2012-09-02 15:42:03
Regarding my last question , farmers , Clothiers , Actors , Auto insurance ect . provide something for their benefits . I can choose what to eat, wear , watch or drive . There are nonprofit insurance providers like Blue Cross was a time.So , what exactly health insurance providers offering shareholders to gain their benefit ? Keywords -------- be shareholders
HELP!!! can anybody to put that in plain english? please...?4- Love Lock closure scared '2012-08-04 15:58:49
C.A.Risk . Exclusion Clause : any agreement by the Insured to pay any sum as compensation or otherwise unless such liability have also joined in the absence of such agreement.
Help with English grammar?0Casee2012-08-01 23:19:53
I'm working on an English assignment, unfortunately my grammar is not the best of all. Could someone please help me with fixing these. 1. To each their own. 2. When someone has been drinking, they are likely to speed. 3. An employee on extended leave may continue their life insurance. 4. A year later someone finally admitted that they were involved in the kidnapping. I just need to fix these into correct form.
In American English 0Sara1232012-06-30 22:33:02
In the UK , often talk about having insurance coverage (ie we have taken an insurance policy (or
When is B.o.d.y. volume 11 coming in English?0gazelle2012-03-31 06:04:03
When B.o.d.y. Volume 11 is in English?
Importance of English and why you should learn it?0jacobryan2021-06-29 01:36:25
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What is the longest English word?1N-MASS 2012-09-25 20:20:02
What is the longest word in English?
Native English speaker please?0rossy2012-07-19 06:56:03
Thanks for viewing. I wrote these words so many errors. Could you revise or add. Thank you ! "Who wants to write something can go to college to study how to write , but there is no insurance that makes sure that he / she can be a writer. Among the greatest writers not to take some formal education that took classes to study how to write at all. " ¿ I can use "something that had never taken official .." ? instead of " do not take some official ... " Thank you very much !
How can i improve my spoken english .?2Yoyo2012-08-03 06:39:02
Languge MI amhric.that first is why I am not speker flent English .
What you call this kind of car hit in English?1Bruc2012-09-03 20:26:02
Hello , My car was beaten in the parking LOTT and the door on the right has "these things in the door so that the iron is not right ." As you can see that can not be described in English, because I know the word or description in English . Imagine when you hit something and does not become straight as when you hit a flexible surface, then get the curves and the like . What do you call this in English ?

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