Should companies be allowed to use your family health records to determine your coverage and rates? related questions

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Should companies be allowed to use your family health records to determine your coverage and rates?4He Hate Me 2012-10-12 04:24:01
I was reading recently that insurance companies are using family history to estimate the rates and even deny coverage where one can perceive a loss or a bad investment. I think most corporate employees are protected from such scrutiny, and should be allowed to join the group policies , except pre- existing conditions will enable the insurer to participate. But self-employed or employees of, say, a small private school can not get coverage at a reasonable price because his mom 's dad had a heart attack , colon cancer , etc. ..
Are Insurance companies allowed to take up to 30 or more days to determine liability?0brytnee2012-09-14 03:08:02
I put a claim in a week ago, and nothing has been done ! I put the claim through Allstate Insurance is violating -rs . My car was T - bone. The man ran a stop sign and hit me . Well , the adjuster arrived Friday to see an estimated damage me . Its now Tuesday and say they are still trying to determine liability (who is at fault ) will be a week tomorrow. I mean I was not driving sideways in the car .. Should I get a lawyer involved ? Im frustrated because my car is not drivable , one I have posted a rental car until they fix responsibility ... Please help!
Which car insurance companies do not use credit history to determine their rates?0Mahesh Chandra2012-06-27 19:17:01
Most insurance companies use credit information to determine the rate you get. Thus, having bad credit can make you pay a higher premium. What companies do not use credit information to determine your rate ?
Are auto insurance companies in Canada allowed to raise rates because of an accident1Quinta2012-11-06 03:06:02
Are car insurance companies in Canada allowed to raise rates because of an accident
Can Insurance Companies Legally Keep Records Of Lapses In Coverage and Publicly Display Them To Others?0ashlin2012-06-28 05:56:02
As it is my understanding this is not legal for insurance companies to do because of the Privacy Act of 1974.
Why should insurance companies be allowed to deny coverage?1Birch2012-06-05 12:54:59
I need some opinions from a speech he is due tomorrow, please help. For example, smoking thanks
Conservatives: If a child is born with HIV should insurance companies be allowed to deny him coverage?3Tyga2012-10-22 05:26:01
A: No, that is immoral. The child should not have to pay for his/her parent's mistakes. B: Yes, life isn't fair. That's the parents fault, not the insurance company.
If you have been denied health insurance coverage based on inaccurate medical records, what do you do first?0sklfjs2012-07-19 07:09:02
I applied for health insurance coverage and received a letter denying that on the basis of various medical conditions I've ever had , but they say they were the claims filed by them. What is the best way to address this, to correct misinformation and re-apply for coverage? Where do I start ?
Are there any auto insurance companies who dont penalize or raise rates based on a lapse in coverage?0kirs2012-08-15 01:15:03
I have gone uninsured for over a few months in Iowa due to being dead broke & am looking into getting coverage again....are there any companies that offer lower penalties than most or no penalties at all? Can an insurance company even check for themselves if you have had previous coverage or do they just rely on your word? If so....tempting lol. Also are there any other options im not thinking of? Any suggestions welcome...Thanks in advance! :)
Can health insurance companies obtain your medical records without your permission?0Islamabad2012-09-25 16:56:03
My dad sprained his knee a few days, then returned to his work , but his knee was causing him so much pain to his boss to take the day off to get it looked at . He went to see a doctor (still in their work clothes ) after about 3 hours since I visited the doctor for a health insurance company called him on his mobile phone asking if he had an accident at work. since no one at work knows the phone number of your second phone ( which the company called it) hard to believe that it was pure luck my father was called by this health insurance company when he entered as a clinical work clothes asking to see a doctor . MedlinePlus My question is whether these companies to obtain medical records without the consent of the person around ?
If an employee switches from FT to PT, is an employer allowed to take away benefits, such as health coverage?4N-IN-NAMES 2012-06-25 22:04:12
If an employee changes from FT to PT , is an employer that allows them benefits like health coverage ?
Do Life insurance companies have access to health records during the application process?2school girl112012-09-24 22:16:02
I am a recovering alcoholic. I suppose my medical records will reveal that I was in a hospital 9 years ago. At the time I was not an alcoholic but my family thought I was. No DUI's and perfect health now.

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