WHAT should you do when you have eaten a bug that was in your salad at a restaurant.? related questions

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WHAT should you do when you have eaten a bug that was in your salad at a restaurant.?4Donahu2012-08-12 23:15:03
Indeed , the restaurant was fudruckers .
I cracked my tooth on a crouton in a Salad at a restaurant. Can the restaurant be held liable to pay for it?6Veromca2012-09-18 13:59:12
I opened my tooth in a croutons in a salad at a restaurant. Can the restaurant is responsible for paying for it?
Jack borrows Kevin's car and crashes it into a restaurant. Whose insurance pays for the restaurant's damage?2jewels2012-09-27 21:15:03
( Vehicle owner) Kevin insurance company sent a letter to Jack (borrower 's car ran into the restaurant ) saying they are not responsible for any damage due to compensation and not have to pay for any damage and damages .
inexperienced salad. 2. 02020-11-24 10:57:26
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What's the best way to go about selling my salad dressing?0anon4342012-10-11 16:43:34
We have this salad dressing murderer that my family has used for years . It is made in house, and we had a lot of people suggest you start selling . I recently started looking into renting a place in a farmer's market , but it seems you need a liability insurance , and have an application reviewed and approved by a board. Are there any suggestions on where I could get our product to market ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance .
I need insurance for salad dressing?8Basi2012-10-21 13:06:01
I need insurance for the salad dressing ?
HOW DO I GET A RESTAURANT TO SETTLE?3voulez_vous_coucher_avec_moi 2012-08-21 10:10:03
were a group of six, ate on a Saturday, around noon on Monday were all calling each other within 20 minutes OTHER VERY SICK. RAN tested , he said norovirus. CALL STORE AND mngr region. Is having its HR CALL ME , AND INSURANCE CO HOW DO I GET THE AGREEMENT OF HOSP . Bills, lost work, and pain and suffering. What should my next step? How should I come across HR THERE , AND THE INSURANCE COMPANY ? I HAVE NO PROBLEMS WITH TAKE to court, just think they will settle. Any advice ?
Starting my own Restaurant?0oraine2012-08-22 18:45:04
What types of permits and licenses they need? MedlinePlus Do I need homeowners insurance ? Liability insurance ? MedlinePlus I need to state certifications ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyone who has started his own restaurant , you know the pros and cons ?
Restaurant Insurance?1Belinda2012-06-07 19:14:18
When buying an existing restaurant , there is security available to the buyer to protect themselves in case of false profit numbers from the seller .
What kind of insurance do you need for a restaurant1Myra2012-02-15 06:11:42
What kind of insurance you need for a restaurant
What insurance coverage will I need for my restaurant?0 always ふ Hui" aI multitudinous -2012-06-02 19:55:39
What insurance do I need for my restaurant?
What type of insurance does a restaurant need to have0Nei2012-03-06 12:25:18
What type of insurance has a restaurant that has

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