I hit a car in the parking lot but i do not know if i am responsible? related questions

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I hit a car in the parking lot but i do not know if i am responsible?2 â–„ $ uo bone charm and India -2012-10-13 14:56:02
while the parking lot of a supermarket, a car hit me in the parking lot . The car park was beaten was on the edge of space. Also the parking spaces are very small. (This was an Asian supermarket ) So the question is wither or not I am responsible . What if the owner of the parking SUV 1.2 inches closer to space? What if your car suffered minor damage, while my side defense was destroyed? Also after seeing the car that you can see a lot of reckless driving before, because of dents and scratches others? I gave the owner of the car hit me all my information and insurance. Am I responsible for damages ?
If your car is stolen out of the parking lot at work is your employer responsible?3Pakistan2012-11-03 13:21:02
If your car is stolen from the parking lot at work is responsible for your employer?
Is landlord responsible for vandalism done to my car in the parking garage of the building?0Tatyana2012-10-07 04:07:33
We rent a parking space in our home , our new car was vandalized recently. Is the owner or his insurance company responsible for this damage because it is a "secured " parking?
Think I found the truck responsible for damaging my car in parking lot. How do I proceed?0twisted angel 2012-05-14 15:34:44
My car was damaged in the parking lot of my apartment complex early in the morning one night last week. I saw the truck that he did it again last night . I do not want to involve the police and make the person in trouble, but I definitely want compensation for repairs. Ideas on how to handle this situation? I do not think the truck belongs to a resident here, but I can confirm that with the building manager ...
I backed into a stone well in my dentist's parking lot. Can he be responsible for fixing the car?5Hermosa2012-06-24 01:26:03
The parking lot is small and I was backing into a parking space, but there is a circular stone near the edge of the parking lot, and my back hit the stone well and broke my bumper. I think the park was expanded to accommodate the cars of the dentist's office , as it is located in the center of town in an old house and the stone is also very close to the edge of the parking lot.The receptionist I said it was ' t the first to hit him, she said she was about to hit the day before, so they know that is a problem.
Is my wife responsible for a door ding in a private parking lot?1Idleness.2012-04-11 10:56:20
I had parked the van in a mini park for a soccer game. A lady with big truck pulled in next to us and parked less than two meters away. My wife returned the car to get something. The wind slammed the door of his hand and left a small dent the size of dime in the truck that was parked very close! The owner of the truck, then we asked about insurance. What we are exposed ? I understand the law $ 500 mini -game that applies to any failure of Michigan law .
Do I need vehicle tax/insurance when parking in housing association or council parking bays?9Chatwin2012-05-07 23:06:24
Is it necessary vehicle tax / insurance when parking in the housing association or the council parking bays ?
My vw van was stolen and I an insured but I have $5000 in parking tickets, will the insurance pay my parking?1turtle dove2012-06-15 23:51:12
My VW van was stolen and an insured , but I have $ 5000 in parking tickets, insurance will pay for my parking?
Who is at fault if someone in a parking lot lane backs into someone who is backing out of a parking space?6caiman, cayman2012-11-02 17:30:02
I was in the lane of a small parking lot today, and was back up to enter a parking space that was about to release ahead of me. I was checking my left rear in the mirror to make sure someone was not driving behind me, when he collided with a car that was supported by a parking space near the right rear of my car. I did not see , and I guess he did not see me because he had supported enough for us to crash. He says he saw me, it is automatically assumed it was my fault , I said that I would get an estimate and send me a bill . There were no witnesses that I could find and we do not call the police. I filed a report with my insurance company , and is obviously work to do your own research , but I have curiosity about whether anyone has any advance knowledge of this type of situation.
Parking lot accident with a Parking Enforcement Officer truck! Please help!!!?1Norville2012-02-04 12:27:12
I was involved in a very minor parking accident with a truck enforcement officer parking. I think both a backup at the same time and hit each other rear bumpers. My rear bumper has a little starch and parking officer has a small dent in the bottom of the bumper which is set by pressing with his own hand. We had made ​​a complaint to the police because he was a city car . My question is how is the insurance company will deal with this?
If you are backing out of a parking stall and hit a car that was speeding down the parking lane can the other party file an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed1 Prince" -2012-04-30 12:09:54
If you make a copy of a parking stall and collided with a car that was speeding through the parking lane may file other hand an insurance claim or make you pay if no police report was filed
I had one lesson on parking and i did really bad how many lessons did you need to be good at parking?3Athena2012-05-23 17:25:08
I had a lesson about parking and I did very badly how many lessons it takes to be good at parking?

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