Travel Insurance for US Citizen & Non-US Citizen?

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Asked at 2012-05-04 04:19:58
Cobra my husband is over and we are staying temporarily in China because of their work and the company not only offer health insurance in China. My son has dual citizenship (U.S. and Indonesia) and I am a green card holder ( still Indonesian citizen ). My son and I are going back to the U.S. to visit families for a month and I need a recommendation from a travel insurance that is reliable for both , especially for him tho ' since he is a toddler.

I tried google and I have a decent date , but just wondering if anyone has any experience with travel insurance?

Thank you !
Answer1RoxanneAnswered at 2012-06-11 14:17:46
Try to contact the regional office of AIG in Hong Kong.

Call (852) 2832 1052
Email: [email protected]
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