Why don't health insurances cover prosthetic devices? related questions

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Why don't health insurances cover prosthetic devices?0Abbot2012-05-03 05:06:02
I do not mean out of nowhere , with all the random questions , but I'm very curious to know why health insurance companies retreat from those things. Cover wigs and dentures , but not prosthetic eyes . There is no coverage until the person is eighteen, but then stops completely full? I know there is a choice of co - payment of some kind, but not really useful, but I wonder why even the largest insurance companies pull back.
Which health insurances cover circumcisions?3Edga2016-10-14 07:49:57
What health insurance cover circumcision?
Are there any insurance companies in the UK that cover a broad range of electronic devices?0hedgehog2012-05-01 17:53:32
Hello , I have several expensive electronic devices , including an Xbox 360, HD 24 " Monitor, a
Assurant health insurances does it REALLY cover maternity?1Newma2012-05-30 11:56:54
A call from someone on this company and they said that covers it and now I find that it does not. I believe it covers, told me to cover six months. Please, if you know anything or work for this company , please inform me how they work.
Are there ANY health insurances that cover chiropractic care?1vole2019-01-02 18:48:25
Are there any health insurance that cover chiropractic care ?
How come some health insurances do not cover oral contraceptives?0Shalese2012-07-11 07:22:02
I was just wondering. I am with medcost and they do not which is a pain. Is it a religion thing or something? Its not fair that they will cover viagra but not oral contraception.
Is it legal to cover a minor under two different health insurances?0Bridget2012-03-25 20:31:48
Is it legal to cover less than two different health insurance ?
My home is mortgaged and have a lodger,i am wanting to move away but dont know what i do about insurances etc?0VIDYA2012-08-17 21:55:02
My plan was to go to Glasgow and my father is going to move in place and cover the cost of the mortgage, is unemployed and is unable to work for what your guest pay housing allowance it.My going to get her flat . however own the other option is my guest would stay at home and cover the cost of the mortgage and etc. ctax on their own. i notified the lender to tell you my plans with my father and I was told that because I will not make a profit and is a member of the family that is not classified as renting your property so only notified when you return to the property. < Br > What should I do if my guest go ahead with the property remain in place? Do I need homeowners insurance or I can change my current buildings and contents insurance ? your help would be greatly appreciated, since I'm not clued to this sort of thing at all!
Will i have to cover my children with health insurance if they dont live with me?0Adolfo2012-09-04 02:45:04
I have 20, 22, and 24 year olds whom do not live at home. Actually live in another state! Will the new law require me to cover their insurance? And how will I afford insurance with only $30 extra a month?
I had my motorcycle stolen but i had lojack i calld and they said they dont cover it because i dont have insu?0s6c-gEL 2012-08-20 14:15:03
do i really need insurance in order for lojack to cover what theysaid they would do and refund me money if my bike got stolen ?im in california.
Will insurance pay if i have a prosthetic testicle put in?0Khari2012-09-10 15:45:03
I only have one testicle and i want another. Will it be expensive if i have this surgery, or will insurance cover most of it?
Which insurances will cover a vasovasotomy0swamp donkey 2012-03-12 14:27:02
What insurance will cover a vasovasostomy

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