How long do I have to wait to get my g2 after I get my g1? I'm 18? related questions

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I can wait 8 years for Universal Health Care. Can America wait that long?2Brianna Mae2012-09-20 09:15:03
I can wait because I have excellent coverage of health care . My daughter can not wait 22 years while working full time and still can not afford health care and can no longer be covered by our insurance . I realize that no one can guarantee that the legislation for universal health care will be approved in Congress. However, never will happen if the plan was not submitted to Congress. How long will you be willing to wait for Universal Health Care : A. By the end of the second term of Hillary. B. At the end of Obama 's first term . C. Within six months of his inauguration , which is what John Edwards has proposed. re
How long can an insurance company make you wait to be approved for Long Term Disability?0Sian x2012-09-05 19:45:05
So here it is. My husband has MS and was diagnosed 2 years ago. He is on infections and within the past 2 years has gone on short term then long term since Jan. Anyway every 3 months he gets reviewed and then waits approval for his long term. He also has been diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety. Well Prudential is is the company that deals with the long term. He hasnt been paid in 3 months!! They have conviently not recieved the medical records that were sent out twice, then finally got all of them the third time. Now we have been waiting them to be reviewed for the last 2 weeks. I have talked to the person that is going to review them and she keeps saying it will be done tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes and she never returns my calls. When I do talk to her she just says she is sorry the doctor has not reviewed them with her yet and I get a line of excuses. This has affected my husbands health for the worst and he cant deal with her anymore, so I take care of it. She said one day the computers were down and today she said that his files were on back log, in short they havent got to them. How long can they make us wait? We are struggling terrible as we have 2 children and lots of bills. If there anything I can do. He did apply for SSD and they said they will have a decision in another month, I just dont know what to do about Prudential in the mean time. Can they make us wait and if so how long before I can really do something. I feel like I am caught between a rock and a hard place, as I dont want to be rude to this lady from Prudential because she kinda holds our well-being in her hands, but I am so angry. She's just giving us the run around. She did say once the review is complete he will get back pay, and promises that it will be complete by next week,but she is just a liar in my book. Any advise would help. We have even had my husband Disability Advocate contact her as well as his therapist, and they too have gotten the same story.... it will be complete by tomorrow. Please help our family is really struggling.
How long is too long to wait to visit the doctor after an auto accident?9Aldrich2012-05-13 23:35:39
I was involved in a car accident and has been five days since it happened. I'm starting to have a pain in the left shoulder ( he was driving and is beaten from the seatbelt) . The accident was not my fault, but I worry that the " acceptable" time frame has passed to see a doctor. Is it too late to claim as an injury if I go to the doctor now ?
How long is too long to wait for someone to call you about an auto accident?0sb2012-07-29 06:31:58
I was in a recent car crash. It has been over a week since I've heard of the person. We agree to talk about what we were doing . I 'd rather not go through insurance, but I have called and have not received a response. If you ended up going through the insurance does not want to do a month after the accident, because who knows what else might have happened in the car that was not my fault ? Anyone have experience with this or know how long is too long before insurance goes " hey you should have done this before? "
How long do I have to wait?0ahunt2012-06-20 15:33:18
Hello, I'm from South Carolina. I took my drivers test today for the second time , and I failed again. So I'm hoping that this third time I will pass. The only thing I messed up on parallel parking was hitting the wooden marker . So how long do I have to wait until you can return a third time? Please help . And Thank you. :)
How long do I have to wait to get my g2 after I get my g1? I'm 18?0porpoise2012-05-03 04:38:00
I have my g1 March 31, 2011 , when he was 17. I want to do my driving test, but now I do not now how long I have to wait to get it. thanks !
How long do I have to wait to get my license?0Bunny2012-01-03 16:12:18
I just moved ( for good) from Ohio to Vermont. My Ohio license expired on July 3. And while I'm here now ... I obviously need to get my license / permit . So , does anyone know how long I have to wait to get my license? I've never had an Ohio license . Someone told me I have to wait a year, but I do not think that is correct. I am also 20 years old , which may be of some help.
How long do i have to wait until i get my license?0Edward2012-03-26 00:16:10
A friend told me I had to wait a year, but it seemed incredible that I wanted to know the exact time I have to wait . Although I have no present my permission , I will get it soon. Let me know if the test was difficult or easy. Please only answer if you live in Miami,Thanks ! :)
How long do you have to wait to get your license in NJ?0Azarias2012-03-04 09:05:34
after receiving my license in New Jersey about how many days later, I can get my license ? Tell me in days, not months I know that is 6 months, but I have to know these days.
After I get my permit how long do I have to wait?0Mattea2012-06-12 11:56:50
I am a 15 years in Houston , Texas. I have not received my permission and I however, turned 16 in 4 months. I have to wait some time after my birthday for my liscence ?
I'm 16, how long do I have to wait to get my license?1Dinah2012-06-20 22:20:31
I live in Las Vegas , Nevada, and I want my license. I heard that I have to have my license 6 months, but does anyone know for sure? Or I can get my license ?
How long do i have to wait to get my license?0Feli2012-02-09 16:01:10
Im 17 just got my license last week. When I can get my license in MA ?

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