Why is it not discrimination for insurance companies to charge more based on gender, age, or marital status? related questions

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Why is it not discrimination for insurance companies to charge more based on gender, age, or marital status?0Oaf_Dawg 2012-05-02 15:57:50
Why is not discrimination by insurance companies to charge more for reasons of gender, age or marital status?
Car Insurance companies determine your premium based on age/marital status/job/gender/credit (see below)?0yorkie2012-08-10 04:15:04
Why not just go ahead and be bred . I mean I do not agree with him , but there is a form of descrimination someone the price according to their age. Yes I understand there are statistics that show younger person have more accidents . But they already priced according to gender. I'm sure there are statistics showing that blacks and whites have more accidents after the other vice versa ....
Gender discrimination speech HELP PLEASE!?0Pat2012-08-08 05:41:02
what I'm doing a speech on gender discrimination and tomorrow. and I honestly do not know what the hell to do. I need a lot of hellpp. this is what I have so far. But I try to put a male face of sexism and write about experiences. but really all you need is a bunch of ideas and suggestions. When you grow up can be anything you want to be. "Little girls know that every time their parents and teachers. Almost everyone goes girls are encouraged to believe it can be as athletic, intelligent and successful children. Teacher and classmates Hi, I'm Krizia DeLuisi and today I will talk to you about gender discrimination. Gender discrimination is also called sexism and gender discrimination that affects both women and men. People discriminate socially, physically and verbally. Empirical studies believe that men are more valued and more socially competent than women in most of the particular tasks (eg, mechanical). They say that men are superior to a woman in a multidimensional scaling of capacity. Gender discrimination women have made in such forms as the phrases "make me a sandwich", "back to the kitchen", "clean house", "no, you're the one who makes the food in the house", and " care for children. " Other forms are saying that women can not play "boy games" such as Call of Duty, car games (Need For Speed), or fighting games (Mortal Kombat), all of which are said by men. Where are men who respect women as coming from a. When a child is born, friends and family exclaim congratulations. A child insurance. It will inherit from his father and get a job to help support the family. When a girl is born, the reaction is very different. Some women complain when they find out that your baby is a girl, because, for them, a daughter is just another expense. In some parts of India, it is traditional to greet a family with a newborn girl, saying: "The servant of his family is born." A girl can not help feeling under classified when everything and everyone around him tells him that she is worth less than a child. This has to be 3-5 minites LONG D:
Should the government ban gender discrimination for insurance rates?1Nick2012-08-09 09:23:42
Why is it legal for car insurance companies to charge men more than women when they have the same driving record, age, same car, same everything else?
When will the U.S. government stop the gender discrimination on Car insurance?0Cait2012-07-31 14:25:55
http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/02/business/global/02insure.html The court of justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that from December 2012, insurers will be prevented from charging different premiums on the basis of an insured person's gender. When will america pass a similar law. Not everyone is the same. Girl drivers are the worst, how on earth could their insurance be lower than ours when half the time they are in the car they are laughing so hard into their cellphone that they can't see anything but the roof of their cars. Mix a bunch of girls in one car and it gets even worse. And don't try to say it's because of statistics, obviously since there are more male drivers than female drivers there are going to be more crashes and etc.
Shouldn't we make gender-discrimination laws universal across all insurance industries?0Terri Ordona2012-07-28 12:30:59
So they cherry-picked health insurance, and say you can't charge women higher premiums, despite the fact that they legitimately cost more; with pregnancy issues and more frequent doctor visits. but auto insurance? life insurance? In most states, it's still legal to discriminate against men. Women think they can cherry-pick which discrimination is ok and which isn't. That's wrong.
Should car insurance companies charge different rates based on racial statistics?0Waseeq.A2012-08-21 06:15:03
No? Then why should they be allowed to discriminate based on gender?
Why does your marital status affect your car insurance price?4chimpanzee2012-09-01 22:14:02
I recently received my renewal through my car insurance. when I phoned to ask the price , I changed the marital status of divorced couples - does that matter ? ?
Will Progressive check my marital status?3Marvi2012-06-19 12:25:19
I need insurance for my car and progressive is the most affordable . When getting online quote said I was married, I 'm legal, but I did not want my spouse covered , and it will not drive my car. I live in Washington, making it illegal to drive without insurance and my grandparents helped me buy my car to go with me to an agency to purchase a policy. The trick is in my family knows I 'm married . So if I 'm talking to the agent and tells me I'm alone, I will look up and know that I am married?
Does marital status affect my auto insurance premium?0Elaina2012-08-02 10:52:03
Can marital status change a beneficiary on a life insurance policy0lonely,2011-12-18 19:56:50
You can change the status of a beneficiary of life insurance
What happens when a deceased parent never changed his marital status after a divorce?0Nabiha2012-09-06 00:28:04
Life insurance need my parents to pay for their services , but he never changed his divorced status at work. Is it still the beneficiary ? How I can change this?

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