Can i chang my lic policy jevan anand to money back? related questions

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Can i chang my lic policy jevan anand to money back?3Fitzgeral2012-05-14 21:33:57
I bought a policy jewan Anand last year for 500,000 / - 16 years, but I now can i change the policy if you can what it shoud .
I want to have a jevan anand policy of 5 lak for 20 yrs premium. what are the benefits on this policy.?1EXCLAM 2012-06-30 12:23:03
I have a policy Anand Jevan of 5 lak premium for 20 years . What are the benefits of this policy. ?
I want to have a jevan anand policy of 3 lak for 20 yrs premium. what are the benefits on this policy with ex:?1Anlizhuomi 〃2012-06-18 13:15:26
Pls tell me the exact amount you receive after maturity and after death to dependents with a bonus of 20 years 3,00,000
Which life insurance policy will suit for my son who is 23 ? What about 20 year money back policy of LIC?1family noun2012-06-04 11:52:21
What life insurance policy suits my son who is 23 ? What happens to the money policy 20 years back of LIC ?
I have money back policy & my policy no is 902492228. I want to know my premium amount?3Michelle G 2012-06-09 18:57:43
I have the money back policy and my policy is 902492228 . I want to know the amount of my premium ?
LIC Money back policy, how i get the first money back?0 Dear Tak. flowery -2012-05-30 01:03:00
The public policy of new money , how I can get the money back first ?
Is it possible to convert an existing policy say J. Anand to a different policy with less premium.?1Mary2012-06-22 01:17:01
I took a policy of 2 years ago and now due to personal problems to find the premiuim little heavy in my pocket . Therefore, it is possible to convert existing policy to a sum insured or lesser extent some of the monetary policies of other back ?
Which is best Lic money back policy?1fatsofred 2012-09-29 09:09:02
it has good performance , less raw than effective.From shld be policy or executive officers and the amount of discount or concession that is available on the Premium.
How to get back money from policy?0Brigham2012-06-12 19:46:06
I want my money back
When does a 30 day money back policy start?2Nichola2012-09-12 03:30:03
When the item is purchased (online, in this case) or when you get home? I have seen a similar question, but strangely , both received the highest votes . Thanks in advance !
I had a policy with you in the late 70 s i would like to know is there any money to come back on it as i have?1 __only ↑ treasure, Reta lonely, the end -2012-11-05 15:47:03
I had a policy with you in the 70's if you want to know Is there money to get back on it as I have ?
How to discontinue LIC money back policy?2Winni2012-06-23 03:20:19
I have public policy: Summ insured 10L and I would leave . Is it advisable to be 3 years after the loss ?

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