If i am in the rhode island national guard, but live in MA can I get national guard license plates? related questions

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If i am in the rhode island national guard, but live in MA can I get national guard license plates?0Jeffre2012-05-01 21:22:44
The vehicle is registered in MA as I live in Massachusetts, but attend school in Rhode Island and am in the RI National Guard .
Are there any dental options for national guard ?0Bart2012-07-22 00:29:02
Im national guard not active but soon to deploy I am currently unemployee no insurance and was wondering could I go to my local base I have an absessed tooth I have dealt with it for 3 days and cant take it any longer
I am in the national guard, is there anyway i can get health insurance for my mom?0sefako2012-09-19 16:14:02
I am currently in the National Guard , I was curious if anyone knew if there was a way that you can get health insurance cheaper for my mom ? any information would be greatly appreciated
What kind of insurance does the national guard give me and my son?0P'yongyang2012-04-26 20:12:56
What kind of insurance does the National Guard me and my child?
My fiance is joining the National Guard, what will our life be like now?0C2012-07-06 23:02:02
My fiance is considering joining the Nation Guards in Michigan. He's always wanted to and there aren't many jobs here in MI so I support him. I just want to know how this is going to change our lifestyle for better OR worse. We plan (more so ME planning it) on getting married next October but we don't live on our own yet since we can't afford it. I've heard that the military is great for loans, insurance, jobs and a secure lifestyle but I want the inside scoop. I want to support him but I also want to know what we're about to get ourselves into...
I really want to join the army national guard or army reserves.?0ms jay2012-07-31 17:59:04
I am a single parent and single. I have the proper credentials to participate. I do this for my child to have a better future in the long run. So I'll be a better provider. I heard that I have to get a "Program of Action" to join. Although during BCT and AIT nonphysical be there to take care of my son I was wondering if there is a way my son will still be able to receive benefits. My family is not rich . His father is not in the picture at all and I still like to make sure that you will have a safe and their grandparents (whom I give custody to ) have a little help from me. But that would mean I have to have some kind of custody? What I can do to make this work?
Can a rhode island dealer transfer new york license plates?0macaw2012-02-08 14:46:54
I'm going to Rhode Island to buy a car and I know if I would buy from a dealer in New York would not have a problem, but can you transfer my registration Rhode Island in New York or I have to take home and go to the DMV?
Im currently live in Mexico, but I lost my Rhode Island USA Driver's License... Look at additional detail?0I only care about you2012-02-09 23:10:42
Well , I lost the license and the DMV website to request an affidavit before a notary , can anyone tell me more about what is the affidavit? Also where would I get to live in MTY .. in any Notary ?
I live in Massachusetts. Was in a single car motor vehicle accident in Rhode Island. I was a passenger.?1 * _! 2012-02-02 19:10:21
The accident occurred about a month ago . Was seriously injured . The owner of the vehicle he was in life in Rhode Island, where there is the car registered and insured. The insurance policy is a minimum. I have no car insurance policies home and do not own a car. I live in an apartment. I'm not the one insurance policy . My question is, "If necessary , I can file a lawsuit against the driver of the motor vehicle and its insurance company in Massachusetts ....... or I have to file suit in Rhode Island where the accident occurred when the defendant lives, and where the motor vehicle is charged registered and insured . refer me to any Massachusetts and / or the constitution of Rhode Island that could be helpful. Thanks .
How long do I need to have my permit before I can get my license in Rhode Island?0Alvin2012-02-19 22:31:59
I'm going to drivers ed during the summer to get my permission , but how long I have to get permission before you can obtain the license? I heard my sister she has that changed the law so it is longer and wondered how much time is now
If a property is zoned residential and commercial can someone live on the property under the business insurance as a security guard0Lell Man 2012-03-26 23:18:34
If a property is zoned residential and commercial can anyone live on the property in the insurance business as a security guard
Getting a job as an armored car guard?0Fiona2012-05-27 05:18:39
Im 23 , a member of Parliament in the National Guard, have a degree in criminal justice, security and worked for two years without weapons . I would like a job as a guard armored car. My record is clean Am I qualified ?

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