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Delete dependent from health insurance ?3Monica2012-08-21 09:22:01
Remove dependent health insurance?
Is "dependent" in terms of health insurance synonymous with "dependent" in tax filing?0khizra feroz2012-09-24 07:15:04
Can you be a dependent on health insurance, but not on taxes?..or must you be listed as a dependent on taxes in order to be a dependent on health insurance?
How do I delete my daughter from my ex's health insurance?0Rafaela2012-07-20 10:40:01
I have had custody for 2 years, my daughter lives with me and my ex wife does not cooperate. My daughter qualifies for Medicaid. So it will be covered once it is removed from the policy of my ex.
Why would someone delete a ? about whether people saw the latest health reform approval poll #s?0Crissy XD!!!2012-09-26 05:42:04
"Deleted Question: uc approval of health insurance reform falls to new low of 38% in favor , 56 % against MedlinePlus ? Violation Reason : Misuse of the question and answer format " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus What was wrong with that question ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I even sent the link to the survey . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus
Can a non-resident be denied health insurance? They are a dependent of a citizen in a comp/group health plan?0vohn2012-07-24 18:38:01
My fiance has had with my insurance company is the past. While the insurance company paid him , they were fine with him and offered him safe for her .
If someone is collecting SSI, can they put a dependent on health insurance under it?1cock2012-09-19 12:40:03
My father has a child, about to collect SSI , can you get your health insurance under this ?
Health insurance and dependent responsibility?1 집합 고유명사 2012-09-04 05:24:02
Suppose there is a child of 21 who is in his / health insurance from their parents, and is considered a " dependent" on their health insurance and tax forms . Suppose that 21 years have a traffic accident that causes significant economic damage and the insurance company does not pay. Can people injured in car accident to sue the age of 21 years because the parent ( s ) that was listed as a "dependent " on health insurance and tax forms ? Do parents have any legal responsibility for health insurance ?
As a dependent on my mom's health insurance, do I have to be accompanied by her?0shahriar alam2012-09-12 06:15:06
My mom is going to put me as a dependent on the new health insurance her company is switching over to. I'm 19, and as I will be covered by dental and such, I wanted to know if I have to be accompanied by my mom to any appointment/evaluation I go to using her health insurance? I'm sure most of you, like myself, would like to go to these appointments alone since I wouldn't want my mom in the room watching me get braces or waiting for the doctor. Is there something I can do to go alone and still "use" her insurance? I still live at home and go to school.
Do I need to claim myself as dependent to get mom's health insurance?0Karen2012-08-29 18:39:02
I can receive ? Aetna Health Insurance under the name of my mother if I am under 26 years and was a full-time student this year and last year? I'm doing my taxes now ... I made over 11000 on my salary , but I hear it's the cutoff point where their parents can not claim as a dependent .
How can my mother-in-law become our dependent and get put on our health insurance?0Kim P.2012-10-06 17:16:35
Is there any way that my mother-in - law can stop working now and live with us and be our dependent and therefore put our health insurance , etc. .. Today was created between 6 months and 1.5 years before I can retire, but only makes $ 18k/year , so it might not be working . She has arthritis huge and really should not be working . She works "part - time" , but is made to work full-time schedule . Go figure . Anyone know the answer to this?
Do my parents have to claim me as a dependent to let me be on their health insurance?1Beverley2012-07-28 02:44:03
I'm still on my health insurance to parents ( because they have very good benefits ) and I am a student and also work full time. My problem is that my parents still claim me as a dependent so suck my tax returns in addition to not receive the stimulus money 2008. My parents insist that if I say I will not be able to be on your insurance. I do not see how the health insurance company even knowing if I were saying. Did my parents have to claim as a dependent to give me health insurance ?
Advantage to removing dependent from health insurance0giraffe2012-03-19 18:30:55
Advantage for the elimination of health insurance depends

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