Any feedback on National Home Protection Plan? related questions

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Any feedback on National Home Protection Plan?0Jackie2012-04-30 23:14:04
I am interested in purchasing a warranty plan of the house. I am looking for any comments about National Home Protection .
Has anyone heard any negative feedback about Vicki Gunvalson's home based insurance business plan?0lanae2012-08-29 03:35:03
Has anyone heard any negative comments about the home based business plan Vicki Gunvalson sure?
National Home Protection Insurance-Like A Scandal....What Should I Do???0otc2012-07-29 23:58:57
I bought a house in May , spoke to the manager , and he said he may submit claims as soon as it has been activated. So I bought the house began to show problems such as leakage of water from the sink , so I called and they just say that " does not solve anything is wrong , must be in good condition when you purchased the insurance " Then, in a raining day , I learned that the roof is leaking in fact the water! PHN I called because I did add the coverage ceiling when I can buy the insurance. He was about to cancel the policy (30 day money back guarantee ) , but the representative assured me that will help fix the roof . So I was waiting for a contractor to come, but never appeared. When I call back ( which is after the money back 30 days ), I just said " do not do flat roof, which is what you have! " How is that any body ask me what type of roof ahead? "Now I want to charge $ 350 cancellation fee. The manager is not picking up the phone . What should I do?
Best Home Insurance Protection Plan In India?0ass, donkey2012-04-28 19:19:12
Best Home Insurance Protection Plan in India?
Whats the difference between best buy 2-Year Accidental Protection Plan and 2-Year Protection Plan?0title noun2012-05-23 10:50:44
and what does it cover ? because I want to get
First time home buyer, Mortgage company keeps sending me about protection insurance plan? should I sign up?0Ilka2012-07-29 10:41:58
Hi My family just bought a new home and the mortgage company keeps sending me mails such as IMPORTANT NOTICE COMPLETE AND RETURN mortgage protection insurance plan and life insurance plan. They make it sound like I must fill these forms out and apply. I feel like they are just extra payments that I have to make. Are they necessary? Thanks!
Feedback on Safeco Home Inusrance?0bennie2012-07-29 22:11:02
Does anyone have any feedback/experience (good, bad, neutral) with Safeco Home Insurance relative to claims? They give some attractive rates for home insurance but I don't want to end up, if I ever need to file a claim, to have problems.
What is 'Motor Protection Plan Plus' on my car insurance?2que-3席 ≥2012-02-29 19:55:22
What is the ' Motor Protection Plan Plus ' in my car insurance ?
Is th Apple Protection plan worth it?1suz2012-09-12 11:46:02
I'm usually the insurance and all that, but $ 250 is a lot of money , at least in my house (technically apartment) so yes , APP or APP does not?
Canada Protection Plan Insurance?0Radiky Rick 2012-05-23 09:38:53
Has anyone heard of this company and / or have had dealings with them ? If so , what has been your experience . Please indicate the good or bad experiences . Thank you.
Flight Protection Plan / travel insurance. is it necessary?0`sunlight2012-04-27 20:29:27
I 'm heading to Asia for a month. I'm booking online and see that there is an option to purchase air travel insurance cover for $ 38.00. I have curious if this only applies to events during the flight. If I am at home for 2 weeks and ill I have coverage ?
How Good is the Gamestop Protection plan aka insurance?0mahalakshmi2012-07-03 17:49:02
So i have a psp it was perfect until i left it in my bag and then screen kinda cracked. The games and the system itself works, its just that the screen is almost impossible to see the game. Though i bought the insurance plan when i bought my psp so will this cover it or no?

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