Receiving workers compemsation benefits for over 2 years and still seeing doctors. Should I get a lawyer now? related questions

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Receiving workers compemsation benefits for over 2 years and still seeing doctors. Should I get a lawyer now?2Cedri2021-06-21 02:11:26
Benefits of workers compemsation for over 2 years and still see the doctors . Should I get a lawyer now?
What kind of a lawyer is needed to help with receiving life insurance,retirement benefits withheld since death1GENE2012-08-16 02:45:03
I am unable to pay a large sum of money at once. I like to talk to someone who will work with me to accept or allow it to do a payment plan or not, if he could hear the details of the case. The councilors of this town told me you need a lawyer, and he could not say anything more after questioning the orgaination every other party involved , the party is a trusted acquaintance org. with the government. If anyone knows of an attorney , please contact me . due to financial problems that has been ongoing for eight months. any and all help is appreciated thanks
I was hit by a co-workers auto.I'm receiving workers comp. suing for under insured motorist. can this be done?0bullfrog2012-09-29 12:01:02
I was a pedestrian in worker is insufficient . auto ins . company says it will not pay because I'm comp.I workers do not understand the reasoning . I can afford the insurance what's the deal ?
The average age of employees of a unit of 40-year-old, male workers, the average age was 50 years old, female workers, the average age was 35 years old, then the number of men and women workers2Fitc2021-07-06 00:15:44
The average age of employees in a unit of 40 year old male workers , the average age was 50 years of age , working women , the average age was 35 years old, then the number of workers and workers
Are doctors suppose to tell you when you are receiving what's considered surgery by insurance company? ?0Susan2012-05-24 11:11:21
I went to the doctor with my minimal insurance , do not leave until I see the secretary assured me that my insurance would cover part of it. I had a sinus infection , so the only thing he did was routine screening ($ 200 ! ) And then put a tube with a bulb in it through the nose to see if it was just crowded ... and came to $ 300! How can you tell me you would not consider the surgery and now I have to pay all that money, if I cant I'm considering doing a full year of community service ( Americorps ) and has no money to take care that!
Can employee receiving workers compensation file a rax return1Colber2012-11-04 18:32:02
You can file employee receiving workers' compensation rax return
Should I be receiving Unemployment benefits?1Bennet2012-05-18 01:23:13
I was fired and two weeks severance pay , but in exchange for those two weeks I was asked to sign a letter of resignation . Now my employer is saying to give up and is a challenge of my unemployment. I live in California and has a two-day hearing . What should I do ?
Receiving ssdi benefits and medicare?1Jamie2021-06-24 02:03:11
hello recently approved for SSDI benefits have enrolled in Medicare n n kan start using my Medicare in April, but I received a letter saying it will 100dls of my checks from Medicare for you Now my question is do I have to have insurance disease but I do not want ? I do not want to take that money are doing so because they believe they have a higher income , since my baby and my parents live w n we r planning to move Tho n way they give is not enough
Is it wrong for me to be receiving disability benefits?0shawnna2012-10-12 01:45:02
I have 23 years and I have schizoaffective disorder . I've been hospitalized more than 40 times since the age of 14. When I am able to work hard worker . Most jobs I stressed to the point of ending up back in the hospital. I'm doing my best to improve my life . I'm full time straight A student . I see my doctor , social worker , therapist and several times a week . I do not do anything illegal . I do not take any substance not prescribed . I get $ 800 a month to pay the rent , car insurance , car repair , food, electricity , essential household items , gas ( more than a quarter of my paycheck ) , personal items , laundry service and complimentary internet (which I need for some of my classes ) with all that, and most of the months that do not have enough to eat more than one meal a day . I'm doing the best I can in life , but people keep ridiculing me for living in government benefits (forgetting that when I am able to work , I have to pay taxes too ) Is it wrong of me to live like this ?
Does a main employer have to pay earned sick leave if an employee is injured and receiving Workers Compensation on another job3Keeley2021-07-16 02:52:46
Do you have a large company has to pay sick leave earned , if an employee is injured and receiving workers compensation in another job
If someone in an auto accident and requires surgery and they are already receiving workers compensation what payment is the insurance company liable for0Zoe2012-01-27 09:43:25
If someone in a car accident and required surgery and already receiving workers' compensation payment is what the insurance company responsible for
Has anyone heard of or are they receiving insurance from American Health Benefits?0Jessie 2012-07-21 02:10:03
I am looking for health insurance, but am being turned down because I am diabetic. American Health Benefits called me and said I can get coverage for myself and my whole family. Could someone offer an opinion as to whether this would be a company I should go with...or what questions I should be asking.

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