Can an insurance claim be made on an accident if the police did not file a report?

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Asked at 2012-04-30 06:30:40
I was involved in a car crash last night . The man in front of me hit the brakes and, as it was raining , I slipped into the back of it when I hit the brakes. When police got there said he could not file an accident report because the damage was less than $ 1500 ( no car was more of a dent in the bumper ).

We agreed (in principle ) to resolve w / o lead our insurance on it. He told me that I would get a quote and then contact me.

However, two hours after the accident filed a complaint with your insurance company . I called to find out why he did, and now is saying that your transmission is bad and that one of the headlights has been dropped.

My question is: can you file a claim with your insurance company if the police did not make a complaint ? Also, I will be responsible for transmitting a malfunction even though it is highly unlikely that I was the cause of it ? ( since I'm pretty sure the transmission is in the front of your car)
Answer1Z-Starlight Answered at 2012-05-09 02:10:16
Apparently , the agreement was more tentative than I thought . As he chose to submit to your insurance company is the time for you to submit the claim to your insurance company too. The lack of a police report is not a problem.

As for the transmission , I would agree that it is highly unlikely that a dent in the bumper somehow exerts enough force to make a transmission malfunction . Perhaps the tail light might fall out, but even that is questionable.

In the end , it's probably best that the tentative agreement did not happen. It seems that this is a pretty dark character who is trying to take full advantage of the situation. Next thing I know is going to claim whiplash injuries .

Only report the accident to your insurance company and let him try .
Answer2sadie HELP!!!!!!!!!Answered at 2012-08-05 22:36:03
Yes you can.

You are responsible for the transmission? If the accident damaged another. The thing about TV - it's pretty easy to tell if accidents are damaged or worn , after knocking them down. Of course , the tear down can be quite costly.

Can a rear end collision damage a transmission? sometimes.

What should you do ? Notify your insurance company and manage it .
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